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10 November 2014, 09:57

The Internet Provides us with a way to Save on Car Repairs

It used to be that most car owners drove down to their local mechanic every time they needed their vehicle repaired. Or they got the phone book out and called around asking for prices to compare. This could easily take half a day, and it still ended up being more expensive than agreed, because we might as well change the brake pads and the oil, while we’re taking things apart anyway.

Today you can sit back with your laptop on your knee and send out your car repair needs over the internet, saving hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds on your repair bills. If you log onto Autobutler and create a job, you may be choosing between three quotes by the time dinner is ready.

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E-Commerce is rising

We shop online like never before. It’s become normal to buy our travel, gadgets, shoes and clothing online in last few years. More and more services are migrating onto the web. Car Repair is becoming an increasingly popular search, as it allows for transparent pricing and an overview of where the best garages are located. It provides users with greater peace of mind, when they can compare more options on both price and quality.

We are less loyal today

We no longer have the same loyalties to suppliers of goods and services. Today we choose to shop around and make sure we are getting the most for our hard earned money without compromising on quality. This mindset is what Autobutler is all about, the ability to get quotes means that you can evaluate which one gives you what you want at the best price. You can also book in online directly with the garage, making the whole process simpler. When you have visited the garage you rate them on the website, meaning that other car owners can benefit from your experience.

Ratings give security

Today, we’re not only looking at price when choosing a garage or mechanic. Recent customer reviews will aid the decision making process.

"As consumers we value the reviews left by others on products and services, it adds a sense of security to a purchase if they have great reviews, showing that they are highly recommended by others who have been in a similar situation to ourselves. That’s why at Autobutler we value the review system so much, it is so important to our car owners wanting to find a good garage near them," says Christian Legêne, VP of Autobutler.

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