The 4 Most Useful Apps for Car Drivers

08 September 2015, 08:00

At Autobutler, we know that the sheer quantity of apps available nowadays can be confusing and downright frustrating. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the top 4 apps for smartphones that are actually useful to you as a driver.


For those of us who tend to be a tad forgetful when it comes to remembering where we’ve parked, iParkedHere is a really useful tool that uses GPS to pinpoint the exact location of your car. No more standing with a trolley full of bags with a bemused expression on your face, confronted by rows and rows of cars. As well as having a simple, attractive user interface, it offers these great features:

  • Outdoor mode for on-street parking
  • Indoor mode for multi-storeys
  • A timer to tell you how long has elapsed since you parked
  • A function to set an alarm warning you that your ticket is about to expire
  • An option to take a photo of where you’ve parked to help with the last few metres
  • A notes section so you can add landmarks and features

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: Free

*   Interactive map

*   Information on road works, incidents and traffic, including severity levels

*   Route planning optimisation to help you avoid time consuming traffic snarls

*   Step-by-step itinerary

**Available on**: iOS and Android  
**Price**: Free for the standard app; just 69p for Traffic Plus  


With fuel prices differing widely from one petrol station to another, this handy app helps economise on your driving costs and find the best price near you. Unlike most free fuel-price apps, it’s updated every week day with information on prices for oil companies, supermarkets, and smaller outlets. It features:

  • Prices for 11,000 petrol stations countrywide
  • Dual interface; pins on a map or list view
  • A tool to compare prices against other local rates, average national prices, or the highest and lowest in the country

    Available on: iOS and Android

    Price: £2.99

## TomTom Go Mobile

No list of the best driving apps would be complete without a Satnav app. And although you can get quite a few of them for free nowadays, we’ve chosen one that will set you back quite a hefty chunk of cash. This is because we really are committed to giving you the apps that are actually helpful, and also because we know all too well the sinking feeling you get when your sub-standard satnav chokes at the most inopportune moment. We think that the TomTom represents excellent value for money, as it really is just as good as a stand-alone satnav unit, and costs a fraction of the price. It boasts:

*   Excellent user interface
*   Smart traffic and speed camera alerts (these cost extra for the Apple version)
*   The best and clearest maps in the satnav bunch
*   Maps for 111 countries worldwide
*   Zoom-in function at turns, and when indicating correct filter lanes

**Available on**: iOS and Android  
**Price for iOS**: One-off cost of £26 for the basic app; £18 for the smart traffic function; £16 for speed camera information and alerts  
**Price for Android**: The first 50 miles a month for free, then £14.99 for a year’s usage, and £34.99 for three years (all the functions are included in this price)  

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