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11 August 2017, 14:09

Air conditioning system, a/c system or a semi/fully automatic climate control. No matter which one your Kia models happens to be equipped with, an a/c system and a climate control are both capable of cooling the cabin when it's hot. In fact, this is their main purpose.

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Your Kia Aircondition (AC System) loses refrigerant over time. If refrigerant levels are too low, you run the risk of the Aircon system wearing out or breaking. Book your next Aircondition Service through Autobutler.

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A climate control is the most advanced and works by means of a lot of probes and sensors that constantly measure the temperature in the cabin.

An air conditioning system is less advanced. The system cools the air by means of a compressor before it enters the cabin, and the temperature is controlled by simply turning the heating dial up or down in the car.

In most Kia models, air conditioning is standard. This also applies to Kia models mini cars.

In a model, such as Kia Rio 2015 facelift, there is absolutely no need to manually adjust the heat. The car is equipped with one of the fully automatic climate controls, which constantly maintains the set temperature during the entire drive.

Other Kia models even have a cooling function in the glove compartment, which can be handy if one wants to bring food or drinks on a hot summer day.

For the system to work properly, and if one wants to avoid germs in the air conditioning system, the system must be serviced and cleaned at regular intervals.

How to avoid germs in the a/c system

Your air conditioning system ensures that you have a comfortable temperature in the car all year around.

The cooling function means that all tubes are cold after the unit has been used. When you stop the car, and the system turns off, it will get the air in the tubes to condense, especially during Summer.

The water condensation should preferably get out of the system automatically, but in many cars small pockets (basins) in the air conditioning system will occur, in which the water does not disappear by itself.

Instead, bacteria and micro-organisms may arise in the system, which in the end results in a musty and unpleasant odor in the cabin.

By following the manufacturer's directions for how often the car's air conditioning system needs to be needs to be serviced can, among other things, prevent the development of bacteria in the system.

You will soon discover if there is something wrong within the system, since the use of the a/c system will emit unpleasant air into the cabin of your Kia.

At first, you may try to clean the system using one of the special cleaning containers, which can be purchased in many shops that sell car accessories.

Do you find that the bad, moldy smell remains in the cabin when you use the air conditioning system or climate control, you should probably consider taking the car to a garage.

Servicing of the a/c system extends its lifetime

Both an air conditioning system and a climate control are closed systems of pipes and tubes, in which a liquid coolant circulates.

Despite the fact the system is closed, it loses fluid, because among other things, the seals are not always completely tight.

If the amount of refrigerant is too low, it will wear the system. Together with refrigerant, oil also flows and lubricates the seals which keep the system tight.

To address issues and large garage bills, it is recommended that you once a year undergo an air conditioning system inspection and get your Kia's air conditioning system serviced every second year.

In an air conditioning system inspection, the system is checked for tightness and the cooling capacity is measured.

When your Kia has its air conditioning system serviced, it is performed in the following way:

  • Cleaning of the air ducts.
  • Evaporation of germs.
  • The system is emptied of refrigerant.
  • Pressure test is carried out, after which new fluid is filled.
  • The oil is changed in the compressor.
  • Pollen filter is changed and the condenser is inspected. 

And remember that even though an air conditioning system and a climate control are not the same, the requirements for maintenance and servicing are the same.

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