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Mercedes Service Price Estimate

11 August 2015, 15:50
Mercedes Service Price Estimate

Mercedes-Benz Service Care is a scheme which ensures that the Mercedes service price is affordable for all Mercedes owners. Using this scheme, you can spread out the payments for your service over a number of months rather than having to foot the whole bill in one go.

Service Care also guarantees the price which you will be charged for different parts and for labour, keeping the Mercedes service price fixed for up to four years.

If you want some extra input on the price, you can get 3 free quotes and then choose the best offer, either with price in mind, or with service level.

Average price to get your Mercedes serviced is £224.

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The garages partnered up with are all hand-picked, and must comply with certain strict requirements; and repairs will continue to maintain the warranty of your Mercedes.

This could mean that you lose out on benefits, such as roadside assistance, which require your car to be serviced according to a particular timetable, but the price of external roadside assistance will often be saved by the favourable offers.

What is included in this price?

There are two main types of Mercedes service: A and B.

The A service is the one which you are encouraged to have performed every 20,000 miles or every other year.

The Mercedes service price for this service will include checking all instruments and indicator lights, windscreen wipers, full brake inspection, changing the oil and oil filter, checking engine fluid levels, replacing brake fluid and a battery check.

The B service is also carried out every 2 years or every 20,000 miles driven (whichever comes first) and includes all of the checks and replacements carried out in the A service.
In addition to these checks, the Mercedes service price for the B service also includes a full inspection of the underside of the vehicle to check for marks, damage and leaks.

The mechanical steering components and front and rear axles are checked thoroughly to ensure that they are in full working order. The power steering, active body control and poly-V belt are all also given thorough inspections.

How do I know it is time for a Mercedes service?

The Mercedes service price structure changes once your vehicle gets to 7 years old. From here on in, you will be able to book a value service to maintain the general function of the vehicle and whilst keeping the price down too.

The value service includes a visual inspection of the brakes, checking the windscreen wipers and screenwash, checking that all seat belts work, inspection of brake fluid level, full check of all external lights, oil and filter replacement, free software update and an external car wash.

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