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How much does it cost to replace a clutch in a Renault?

12 June 2019, 10:03

The clutch in your car is important because it technically has the function of transferring the rotational force from the motor to the wheels when you do not touch the clutch pedal.

Autobutler has calculated the average price of a clutch replacement on a Renault.

Avg. price Compare and save Potential saving in %
£719 £260 27 %
£720 £249 27 %

Clutch replacement in a Renault - Where to get a good Price?

If it seems difficult to step on the clutch pedal to change gear, or there are small scrubbing noises such as gear wheels running towards each other, this may indicate that the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.

Before you drive to a garage to see if everything is as it should, be aware of the following:

The clutch parts do not cost the world in itself, but the work of changing the clutch takes time. The clutch is mounted on the engine block, and it is time-consuming to have the old clutch removed and the new one attached.

Therefore, the hourly rate on the garage bill is the largest item when you pay for a clutch replacement on your Renault. A good tip is therefore to obtain more quotes and especially keep an eye on the garage’s hourly rate.

Why is the clutch important?

When the car is idle with the engine running or you need to change gear, the clutch pedal is pressed down. When this happens, a so-called pressure plate is removed from the clutch plate, after which the wheels are no longer forced to rotate. This is the short, technical description of the clutch’s function in your Renault.

Therefore, the clutch is of vital importance for your Renault to be well-run and well-functioning.

If a gear shift seems difficult, and the pedal feels tight or it sounds like the gearbox 'brushes it’s teeth’ when you change gear, then something is wrong.

The main rule is that if you experience irregularities with your car, you must immediately seek out a garage for a check-up. In this way, you can avoid serious damage to the engine and gearbox and avoid expensive garage bills.

Before you do, however, it may be advantageous to investigate where it is cheapest and best to have the car examined and possibly repaired.

Is there something wrong with the clutch?

A well-functioning clutch provides a smooth and comfortable ride. However, gear and clutch are particularly exposed during urban driving, and therefore wear cannot be avoided on the clutch.

It is not to say exactly when the clutch on your Renault needs to be changed but you can, among other things, pay attention to the signals below, which may be an indication that the time for a clutch replacement is approaching.

  • First, it must be easy to step on the clutch pedal to change gear. If the opposite is true, it may be a sign that the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.
  • Second, keep an eye out for rising or falling noise from the engine (as with a normal gear shift) without touching the clutch pedal.
  • Third, be aware that a gear shift must not seem difficult or noisy. There must therefore not be any irregular sounds from the gearbox, e.g. like it’s ‘brushing its teeth’. If this happens, it may indicate that the clutch is worn.
  • Last but not least, the car should not suddenly drop out of gear while driving, and at the same time it must not be difficult to find the biting point of the clutch.

If any of the above symptoms are experienced, contact your local garage immediately.

Get quotes from Autobutler and compare the prices of the various garages in your area. Then, choose the quote and garage you trust, when it comes to price and quality and perhaps even distance to the workshop.

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