A new timing belt for your Renault

Change your Renault's timing belt before it is too late

12 June 2019, 15:12

The timing belt is one of the most important parts of the engine. It is the timing belt that controls the interaction between pistons and valves.

Autobutler has examined the price of a timing belt change on a Renault to help you get an overview:

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Please note, that the price is calculated based on the average price of all timing belt replacements on Renaults, that have been carried out at workshops affiliated with Autobutler.

Timing belt replacement - How does it work?

The timing belt is made of a strong, synthetic rubber material. This means that the strap over time is worn and can obtain cracks in its surface. Ordinary wear and tear can cause the timing belt to jump while driving. This can have serious consequences, as valves and pistons can be damaged.

In the worst case, this will mean that the engine needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is a good idea to have your Renault timing belt checked and possibly replaced before anything goes wrong.

Getting the timing belt replaced on your Renault is a bigger task. The belt itself does not cost a lot, but it takes time to get the old belt off and the new one mounted. If the water pump is driven by the timing belt, it also requires a replacement of the water pump. But it is still the consumption of working hours that will be the biggest part of the workshop bill. Therefore, it may be a good idea to examine and compare the hourly rate on several workshops.

Use Autobutler to get quotes for a timing belt repair. Then you can easily compare the garages on both price, other car owners' ratings and distance. You can always search for your usual workshop and let it be one of the choices for the job. Autobutler helps you in a simple and clear way, finding the workshop that works best for you.

Timing belt replacement - it is in the service manual

A general rule is that if your Renault is older than 5 years and/or has traveled between 120,000 and 160,000 kilometers, then it is time to have the timing belt checked and most likely replaced.

As a rule, you can see from the car's service book when to change the timing belt. But have you bought your Renault used and therefore do not know when the belt has been replaced lately, then it is especially important to get the car to the workshop, so that a mechanic can check it.

The timing belt - keep an eye on the noise and other signals

To prevent any accidents from happening, you will find some good advice on what to keep in mind below - including what you need to be aware of when it comes to your Renault's timing belt.

  • Be aware of the state of your timing belt - do you know when it was last replaced?
  • Always make sure the service manual is up-to-date, so the auto repair shop can check it there.
  • Is the car used? When taking over a used car, always ask when the timing belt was last changed.
  • If you are going on a longer trip, you should consult the service book. Have the timing belt changed before the holiday begins.
  • If in doubt, get your local garage to check the timing belt for safety.

Listen and check regularly

If you belong to the people who rarely drive, then you risk the belt becoming stiff or decayed in the rubber. For Renault owners with low mileage it is therefore especially important to have the timing belt checked regularly.

When you drive in your Renault, the driving must be without any noise. If you hear a whining or piping sound from the engine, often in connection with the car starting, then it is probably a sign that the timing belt is worn and needs to be replaced.

Now you know more about getting your timing belt changed on your Renault. Is it time to get it checked and maybe replaced, take advantage of the quote function of Autobutler.

When you use our platform, you automatically get access to read other users' ratings. A two-year guarantee is given on all repairs too. That is your guarantee of a good experience when using Autobutler.

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