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Is it time to replace the brakes on your Fiat?

02 April 2019, 14:34

When you need to send your Fiat to a garage, we recommend you compare both the price and content of several different quotes.

You can do this most easily by using Autobutler. An earlier study by Autobutler shows that you can save on avg 27%* on the garage bill if you choose the cheapest garage. Now there's no guarantee that the cheapest garage is also the best, and it is therefore a good idea that you here on the site read what others have written about the garage that you are considering using. Other users' comments and recommendations are perhaps your best guarantee that you will have chosen the right garage.

Below, you can see the average price of what it costs to get brakes replaced on a Fiat. The price includes all the quotes on the brake replacements for Fiats, which were submitted to the users of Autobutler.

Compare and save* You save on average*
£421 28%

The price includes labour and replacement of brake pads plus any other spares parts.

The car's brakes – safety is important

Most cars nowadays are equipped with what is called an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). The system allows the brakes on the vehicle don’t block during heavy braking. This means that the braking distance during emergency braking will be shorter because the wheels do not lock when braking. At the same time, it is also possible to steer the car, because it does not skid.

The anti-lock braking system is an advanced system where several sensors constantly monitor that the wheels are turning. If they do not, then the brake pressure decreases automatically until the wheel is no longer blocked.

The so-called emergency braking system, which many newer cars are equipped with is also advanced. The emergency braking system, with the official name AEB, automatically brakes the car if you get too close to the vehicle in front.

The anti-lock braking system is standard on Fiat models, and Fiat also operates with their own City Brake Control system, which is available in certain models. The system helps the driver to avoid collision at low speed. A sensor in the windshield scans an area of 10 to 12 meters ahead of the car, and thus makes it possible to brake at low speeds of 5-30 km/h). The car brakes automatically if the driver doesn’t show signs of slowing down. At the same time, a warning light is activated in the dashboard that tells the driver that the City Brake Control system is in use.

City Brake Control system is conceived as a security measure to avoid driving into parked cars or cars ahead that suddenly brake in traffic. The system is considered to be highly effective and can among other things prevent whiplash injuries that occur frequently and is connected to this type of collision.

Safety equipment as described above is of course good for road safety, but it is important to remember that it only works if the car brakes also function as they should.

It is therefore important that you always make sure to get your FIAT serviced and in doing so have the brakes inspected.

How can you tell if the brakes are worn out?

There may be different indications that the brakes are worn. If you detect for example noise when you brake, it may be signs that you should have the brakes inspected. At the garage, mechanics can quickly determine whether the brake pads need to be replaced or whether the brake system just needs to be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.

How often your Fiat needs to have brake pads and possibly brake discs replaced, depends on your driving style and driving pattern. The brake pads wear the most if you predominantly drive in urban areas.

Most cars have a brake indicator that wears while driving. When the pads are worn down enough, a warning light will be lit on the dashboard, indicating that the brake pads need replacing.

In addition, following the points below may indicate that you need to take your car to the garage to have the brake pads replaced or at least have the braking system inspected.

  • If there is loud noise coming from the brakes when the car turns to one side, it may indicate that the brake caliper and the brake disc not sitting correctly in relation to each other.

  • If you notice a grinding noise when the car brake, it may be because rust has appeared on the brake discs. The rust usually wears off after the first few stops, but if the sound does not disappear then you should have the brakes inspected.

  • Brake pads may be worn evenly, if the car pulls to one side when braking.

  • The braking system is presumably missing brake fluid, if you can depress the brake pedal almost to the bottom. Get your local garage to examine whether there are issues with a leaking braking system.

How to extend the life of the vehicle's brakes

Your driving style is crucial to how often the brakes on the car must be replaced.

If you the type who brake at the very last moment and make you often brake hard at high speed, the brake pads are worn more than necessary.

Heavy and late braking wear more on the brakes than if you slowdown in good time in order to brake softly.

Spare the brakes by releasing the accelerator in time.

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