Tow bar for Audi

Installing a tow bar on a Audi

05 April 2019, 14:15

In order for you to get a feel for what it costs to mount a tow hitch on your Audi, we have calculated an average price.

The calculation includes only quotes provided to Audi owners, but you should be aware that the prize covers all Audi models, and various types of tow hitches.

Average price: £ 419 (June 2020)

One should not be fooled by the price, because there may be huge differences in the individual offers.

Select the right tow hitch

A tow hitch on the back of your car provides freedom, and what else can be more desirable as a car owner? Freedom to carry things on your trailer, taking your mountain bike to the forest or freedom to hitch a caravan to the car, and head off on new adventures.

A tow hitch thus allows for more possibilities with your car.

Although a tow hitch serves a practical purpose, it should of course look somewhat good too. Audi has as a result developed an original tow hitch that fits for your car both design and function wise. The fit perfectly matches the clean lines and stylish design, which Audi is known for.

If you choose to buy an original tow hitch from Audi, then two versions are available. A retractable tow hitch, which can easily be hidden behind the bumper after use and a detachable tow bar, which is inserted as needed.
If you wish to mount the tow hitch on your Audi yourself, there are a wide range of online shops that among other things specializes in selling towing equipment from brands like Bosal, Westfalia, Oris and Thule.

Tow hitch - manage the electronics

If you wish to install a new tow hitch yourself, there are a lot of online shops that sell those sorts of things.

When you order the towing device, remember to also buy the wiring kit that is needed. The trailer connector is used to connect the trailer to the vehicle's electrical system, so that the trailer works with turn signals, taillights as well as brake and fog lamps.

Two different models are used, a 7-pin and a 13-pin connector with respectively 7 or 13 pins in the connector.
The plug with 7 pins meets the statutory requirements, but many trailers and not least caravans need more power than for a number of functions such as refrigerators and interior lights. Therefore, use a 13-pin connector, which as a result gives more power.

The rules on speed for driving with a trailer

There are three different speeds for driving with a trailer and the like.

In urban areas there is a maximum speed is 50 km/h.

If the vehicle weighs no more than 3,500 kg, equivalent to a passenger car, one may drive up to 80 km/h in urban areas if the signs permit it.

On the country roads, the speed limit is 70 km/h and on motorways 80 km/h.

If you drive on the motorways in Germany, you may drive 100 km/h with a trailer hitched to the car, if you have a so-called ‘Tempo 100-approval’.

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