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Price for underseal & rust protection - Ford

12 August 2019, 07:17

Need to treat your Ford with an underseal? Winter is harsh and affects your car’s undercarriage. Autobutler recommends to have the car protected from rust attacks caused by road salt and winter's wet and cold weather. The undercarriage treatment is quite extensive and it should be done in a garage that specializes in the task.

Autobutler has examined the average price of a rust protection for Ford cars. The price for an rust protection treatment covers all models and all the tasks performed by garages associated with Autobutler.

Average price for a Ford underseal: £565

Rust protection is a good investment

Everyone talks about the salt that spreads on the road as the big culprit when it comes to rust in the car. But in fact, studies show that salt only aggravates rust attacks by 25%.

What most people may not know is that your car will rust all year. Changing temperatures and condensation equals good growth conditions for rusty spots.

The price of getting your Ford an underseal treatment varies depending on the type of treatment and season.

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The first underseal treatment is the most important

All cars are protected against rust from the factory. So is your Ford. However, when experts recommend that you get your all-new Ford treated and protected from rust, it's because the factory treatment is not enough.

The explanation is the simple fact that all cars receive the same type of rust treatment before leaving the factory. But especially in the Nordic countries and Northern parts of Europe, cars are more susceptible to rust attacks.

So while it may seem like a great deal of money, it often pays off in the long run if the car is rust-protected and when the undercarriage is treated periodically.

Most manufacturers and garages recommend that the undercarriage gets an underseal treatment with a 2-3 year interval, but in the end, the driving pattern and your specific Ford model will determine how often the car needs an underseal.

If in doubt, ask your local garage before sending the car to a specialized rust protection workshop.

Rust protection - it is (also) about trust

To reduce wind resistance and reduce energy consumption, many modern cars are equipped with plastic sheets in the undercarriage. However, experience has shown that moisture and salty dirt accumulate easily in these cavities under the car. It provides optimal conditions for rust formation.

Rust attacks break down the bodywork of your car, reducing the life of mechanical parts, such as brake pipes and suspension arms.

When you need to have your Ford protected against rust, it is recommended that you drive your car to a specialized workshop instead of handling the task yourself.

If you want to ensure that the rust protection is done correctly, then choose one of the recognized workshops, which is subject to random checks from e.g. Autobutler.

Here's how the undercarriage is done

The entire cabin, interior, steering wheel, mats, gear lever, seats, etc. are covered with plastic and paper mats.

Various cover plates, inner screens etc. are removed and the mechanic drills holes needed for the rust protection to sink into all cavities. The entire process is carried out based on the specific spray procedure for your particular car model.

Washing & cleaning:
The undercarriage is cleaned under high pressure to get rid of salt and dirt. Loose coating, including rust flakes, is scraped off. The carriage floor is checked for serious rust attacks.

The car is hot air dried and is now ready for treatment.

Spray Procedure:
Undercarriage and cavities are sprayed with rust protection. Spray holes are plugged and the car is set to dry.

The underseal treatment can stop or slow down the rusting process. The underseal workshops usually also offer special treatments for cars with advanced rust attacks. If you find that there are corrosions on your car, the rust damage must, however, be repaired at a plate workshop before the car can be rust protected.

Facts and tips on rust protection of your Ford

As a regular driver, many are easily confused about the many technical terms that cover the underseal treatment. Cavity treatment, complete treatment, dual treatment and special treatment. What does that really mean? Do not worry. The specialised workshops for rust protection are able to advise on the proper treatment. Remember to ask for written documentation of the recommended treatment.

  • If you obtain quotes from several different garages, it is important to ensure that the prices cover the same kind of treatment.
  • A serious garage stores the task in a written “spray form” and you also get a written description of what is to be done. Some workshops also offer photo documentation that shows that all cavities have been properly processed.
  • Choose a workshop that you trust. There are many examples of car owners who have been cheated. Because it can be difficult for ordinary people to check if the workshop has actually checked all the nooks and crannies.
  • It usually takes 1-2 days to get your car an underseal treatment. Hence the price. Do not fall into the temptation to take advantage of an inexpensive offer. Price and quality are usually related.
  • Avoid rust - wash the car yourself. You can do a better job getting in all corners and get the salt removed than the robot at the car wash does.
  • A good tip is not to choose a cleaning of the undercarriage at the car wash as it does more harm than good. If you choose to have the undercarriage washed several times, be aware that it causes unnecessary wear on the rust protection.

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