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Undercoating of your Citroën

05 April 2019, 08:13

It is a misconception to think that new cars do not need protection against rust. Pretty much all car brands are treated against rust before leaving the factory, but the fact is that the UK has a corrosive climate, and the factory’s rust protection programs therefore rarely meet the requirements for protection against rust needed for this weather.

Average price for a Citroën: £85

Your Citroën must therefore have undercoating and this is especially true if you have one of the popular mini-cars. A study by RMI shows that the protection against rust is often inadequate for this vehicle category, and that as a car owner, one should even protect new cars against rust before driving out on winter roads.

The cars that were in the study generally lacked the necessary protection against rust around doors, side members, front and rear axle, undercarriage or cavities.

The cars may perhaps have gotten what car manufacturers call a standard treatment, which corresponds to a mechanised treatment, in which a robot spray the undercarriage. The problem is that such treatment does not reach all corners and hidden cavities. Also, the treatment does not live up to the demands in the UK, where the winters and road salt are particularly hard on cars.

If you choose therefore not to spend money on protection against rust, it may be expensive affair further down the road. This is due to the fact that the car will depreciate proportionately more in value, and also costly repairs will arise sooner when rust starts taking hold.

It is a fact that getting the car protected against rust at a professional garage or an undercoating facility is associated with an additional cost, but it pays off in the long run. Not only is the undercarriage, side members and cavities, etc. being shielded, but also brakes, shock absorbers and wishbones get a protective layer, which causes these parts to last longer.

Undercoating at the right price

The price for your Citroën undercoating depends both on the garage, type of treatment and season.
Autobutler has researched the price of an undercoating of a Citroën. The average price includes all models, and various types of treatment carried out by garages that are associated with Autobutler.

Do as thousands of other car owners and get quotes through us. You will be help along via our garage portal, when your Citroën requires undercoating. You get quotes in writing, a 24-month repair warranty, and Autobutler provides transparency in appointments and guarantees that all repairs and visits to the garage are available at a fair price. Click to get a quote.

Protection against rust - shield the undercarriage against rust and corrosion

The undercarriage of your Citroën is to a large degree exposed to moisture, grit and salt that is scattered on the roads during winter. These are all conditions that causes your car to rust, if you haven’t gotten the protection against rust.

Rust may occur in the cavity and is not discovered until it is too late. An undercoating on the other hand prevents both corrosion and seals the holes in the undercarriage. It is therefore recommended that you give your car an undercoating from one of the approved undercoating facilities.

With a proper undercoating, both the undercarriage as well as the inner rear wings, cavities and other exposed areas are protected against rust, and to keep rust at bay it is important to remember that your Citroën must receive undercoating periodically.

Undercoating your car

Autobutler recommends that you have your Citroën protected against rust at least every two years. Among other things, if the car is treated properly against rust, you can prevent serious rust damage in the undercarriage.

If you want a guarantee that the protection against rust is carried out correctly, then select one of the approved garages that are subject to quality control by, for example Autobutler. Our garage portal collaborates with RMI that conduct sample quality control of work performed at the garages. The quality control is your guarantee that the work is being done correctly.

Undercoating facilities offer various treatments, all of which should include minimum the following points:

• Skid plates and plastic parts incl. inner rear wings are removed
• The entire undercarriage is washed and cleaned of dust and loose particles with compressed air
• Undercarriage is hot air dried
• Before the actual undercoating, the undercarriage is examined for incipient rust
• Treatment with anti-corrosion protection takes place in all the cavities in the vehicle (side members, panels, flaps and doors)
• Skid plates and wheel arches are protected against rust
• The car was washed and wiped. Excess anti-corrosion protection is removed from the varnish and panels
• Spray holes are plugged and the car is left to drip

Treatment, as described above, is one of the most extensive undercoating for new cars or cars that are being treated for the first time. Once your Citroën has received such a treatment, all it requires is a maintenance treatment approximately every two years.

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