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11 August 2015, 14:13

Included in the Volkswagen service price is access to expert knowledge about the problems which might be common in your particular car and ways to prevent those problems from occurring or becoming worse. The parts used in all services are official VW parts and all of them are protected by a two-year parts and labour warranty. VW has a special 9-point promise which it guarantees for all services carried out at official dealerships. This 9-point promise includes services which are not offered by other car manufacturers. For example, VW promises to include the cost of fitting replacement exterior bulbs and new wiper blades in the original Volkswagen service price, with no additional charges for labour and parts.

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The average price is based on quotes given on a service job for all Volkswagen cars - across models and year. Therefore, your price could very well vary from the average price. If you want a offer specifically for your Volkswagen, list your job here and get quotes.

What is included in this price?

There are two types of Volkswagen service. It is recommended that anyone driving a VW vehicle gets a minor service carried out once a year or once every 10,000 miles driven. Included in the minor Volkswagen service price is a change of oil and filter, a replacement pollen filter, inspection of all lights, external bodywork, instruments, door locks, engine coolant, belts, steering, braking system and exhaust system.

How do I know it is time for a Volkswagen service?

VW advises that all vehicle owners have a major service conducted every 2 years or after having driven 20,000 miles, whichever of these milestones is reached first. The Volkswagen service price for major services includes everything which is checked and replaced in the minor service, as well as a check of the gearbox oil levels, spark plugs or fuel filters, drive belts, glasswork and suspension. If you notice any abnormalities in the performance of your car before your next service is due, then you should take your car into a garage to be checked over as soon as possible. Acting early could prevent a small problem from becoming a much larger one.

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