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Volkswagen Timing Belt Price Estimator

07 September 2015, 09:41

If you require the timing belt in your Volkswagen vehicle to be replaced, the price estimator at Autobutler features the average price paid for Volkswagen timing belt replacements recently undertaken at Autobutler.

Volkswagen were established in Germany in 1935 and have now grown to become the largest automotive producer in the world, selling 9.7 million vehicles in 2013. Volkswagen have three models in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time – the Golf, the Passat and the much-loved Beetle. The Golf has also won the World Car of the Year award twice, in 1992 and again in 2013.

Every vehicle will need parts repaired or replaced at some point, your Volkswagen is no different.

The timing belt is an essential part of the engine of your car and is an integral part of the transmission system. It is a part that will undoubtedly need replaced at some point – this job of replacing a timing belt is a common one for most garages.

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This price estimator lets you see the average price paid recently for timing belt replacement jobs on a range of models of Volkswagen vehicles.

The averages are worked out from actual charges for Volkswagen timing belt replacement jobs though Autobutler.

If you’ve viewed these prices and want a more accurate quote for your specific Volkswagen timing belt replacement from professionals in your area, the quickest and easiest way to do so is at Autobutler.

By completing some basic information, you will be sent three personalised quotations for garages local to you, within 24 hours. All that’s left is for you to select the quote that best fits your requirements.

How is the cost of a timing belt replacement broken down?

Due to the position of the timing belt within a vehicle’s engine, replacing it is a job that can take several hours to complete. For this reason, labour costs are one of the highest components of the fee associated with timing belt replacement.

Other fees include parts, such as the new timing belt itself. It may be suggested that the water pump is replaced at the same time as a timing belt replacement) due to its close proximity within the engine – undertaking this at the same time will obviously increase the cost but may be a good idea if it is close to needing replacement soon.

How do I know if I require a new timing belt?

The timing belt is an essential component of every vehicle engine and replacement should be carried out in line with each particular manufacturer’s guidelines. These guidelines are important because a failed timing belt can cause serious damage to various parts of the engine – you should be aware of, and follow them.

In addition to routine replacement, there are many signs that a timing belt may be malfunctioning. One such sign is a high-pitched noise when the engine is idle or upon starting the vehicle. Actually starting the engine may also be difficult, if it takes a number of attempts to start, you should consult an expert.

If you have any reason to suspect your timing belt is malfunctioning, it is important to seek guidance from a professional as soon as possible.

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