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Brakes £61 20%
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Oil change £75 52%
Steering & undercarriage £89 35%
Timing belt & timing chain £125 27%
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The automobile company Dacia was founded in 1966 in Romania. The name Dacia derives from the Roman province of Dakia, which is located in the territory of today's Romania.

Relationship to Renault paves the way

The company has been active in the truck sector since 1952 and was then modernised in 1967 with the help of Renault. As a result, the company was able to produce models based on Renault licenses under the name UAP in the Pitesti factory, where the company is still located today. The first car was 1968 the Dacia 1110. The sedan was an imitation of the Renault 8 and was produced up to 1971 in a quantity of 26 582. Soon afterwards, the successor, a license building of the Renault 12, the Dacia 1300 replaced the middle-class model.

The long-lasting Dacia 1300 - "Volkswagen of Romania"

The Dacia 1300 was highly coveted from the very beginning. Until 2004 the mid-class car was produced in almost all vehicle body versions. The sensational sales of nearly two million vehicles in 35 years of production brought it the title "Volkswagen Rumania" and ensured the long-term position of the brand. Dacia was also responsible for the mounting of a small number of the Renault models 18 and 20 from the middle to the end of the seventies.

Production with and without Renault

Although the license agreement with Renault expired in 1978, Dacia released further models based on the Renault 12 and Dacia 1300. These included the model versions such as the 1310, the Dacia pick-up, a sports coupe and the fast back version 1325.

The Dacia 500 was a proprietary development of the manufacturer. The miniature car was produced between 1986 and 1989. Its appearance soon gave him the name Lăstun, Romanian for the bird swallow. As a passenger car for socialist countries, the 500 was inexpensive, but too small for the families - so the great success never happened.

Distribution in the East (GDR) and in the West (FRG)

The Dacia 1300 was the limousine that had been exported to the Eastern Germany, the former GDR, since 1973. At the beginning, the car with its front-wheel drive and four-stroke engine was enormously popular. In the eighties, the interest gradually declined due to deficiencies in workmanship. The vehicle body versions Dacia Pick Up, Dacia Drop Side and Dacia Double Cab were offered in Germany only as grey imports.

Reunion brings unprecedented competition

Through other low-cost suppliers, Dacia has been exposed to competition since the reunification and the opening-up of the borders in 1990, so that its own production initially declined. With the cooperation of Peugeot and Dacia the situation stabilised again. The Dacia Nova testifies this partnership. The small car from the year 1995 was based on the Peugeot 309.

Flowing transition into the hands of Renaults

In 1999, Renault had fully bought up the company. Once again, a modernisation process followed, in order to produce market-oriented engines and to offer models with diesel engines. Under the direction of Renault, the Nova was further developed into the Dacia SupeRNova. Later the Dacia Solenza came until 2005. With the successor of the Solenza, the car had moved forward to the compact class as the Logan since 2004.

When the well-known pick-up of 1975 in 2006 freed the way for the successful Dacia Logan, the company was able to grow again. The notchback sedan was equipped with the technology of the old Renault Clio.

Producer of good value quality

In 2005 the brand was officially introduced in Germany. The modern and economical inexpensive Logan convinced on the German market. An estate version of the Logan MCV, which is still available today, was presented in 2006.

Currently six models

When the small car Dacia Sandero 2008 roll off the assembly line, it was the right car at the right time. Despite the global economic crisis, Dacia's sales improved.

All the models, which the manufacturer put into the market in the following years, were anything but small. In 2010 the first SUV from Dacia, the Duster celebrated its debut. In addition to the Logan MCV, Sandero and Duster, Van Dacia Lodgy, also the box-type lorry Dokker and Dokker Express have been completing the range since 2012.

The success of the Sandero is still unbroken. Dacia has extended its offer by the SUV attributes in the Stepway versions.

Sporty activities

In the 2009/2010 season, Dacia was the main sponsor of the Hamburg football club FC St. Pauli. In collaboration with Renault, Dacia is actively involved in sports. The team of Renault's women took part in the Gazelle Rallye in 2014. In 2016 the two participating Dacia Duster landed in the Top 20 at the Dakar Rally. In addition, a team participated in the Trophée Andros with Dacia Lodgy in 2016.

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