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almost 3 years ago
Brakes, Toyota MR2 2000
Having agreed the work at £300 it was disappointing to travel the half hour journey to the garage to be told that the work would actually be £420. Apparently they didn't realise that both rear brake discs have to be changed at the same time instead of just the one. I was prepared to leave without the work being even started but after a bit of negotiating we settled on a total price of £350. It was a bit frustrating when the guy said, several times, that "they would now be losing money on the job" when I had received a better quote for all the work at a more local garage for £325. I also asked the chap in the garage if he could supply a quote for replacing my clutch. This hadn't been done by the time I picked up the car and hasn't been emailed as promised either. Perhaps they didn't want me to return as a customer. Not a brilliant experience really.