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almost 6 years ago
Jean F.
Skoda Fabia 2008
about 7 years ago
Mercedes-Benz C 2004
Brilliant service, very pleased with the work carried out.
about 7 years ago
Ford Focus 2007
could not ask for more ,staff were very polite, work was done very quick ,very pleased.
over 7 years ago
Ian M.
Jaguar XK8 1998
Very good service by Berry Street Garage. Work was done very well. Car is driving fine now. Will definitely use the garage in the future. Very competitive quote.

Berry Street Garage - Jun 11 2014

THANKS Ian pleasure to have worked on your car clearly your pride and joy enjoy the summer

Car Air Conditioning, even in Liverpool it’s needed
Looking for an air con recharge centre? In Liverpool? You do know we like in the United Kingdom right? I am just kidding. We get warm weather, and when we do, you’ll be sorry if you didn’t get your air con checked. Its always best to be prepared, because you never know when that warm weather will strike. So, get prepared and come down to Berry Street Garage.
But, air conditioning doesn’t just have to be used in the summer during warmer weather. Sounds crazy I know but hear me out. It actually has some benefits when used during the winter, these include:
The heat comes out dry
Prevents windows fogging up
Helps melt ice on the outside
I know, air con in winter, it’s such a twist.
Getting your air conditioning recharged is always sensible. Means you can drive with the knowledge that you will be able to see no matter the weather. Plus you’ll be able to grip the steering wheel because your fingers won’t be frozen from deicing your car by hand. Bonus.
The Air Con Recharge you know you want!
Our mechanics are fully trained and fully qualified, so that with a combination of our up to date, top notch and pretty cool gadgets and gizmos we can give you a 2 year air con recharge.
People aren’t usually on top of their air con and its needs. It isn’t something you realise is faulty. It isn’t ever at the top of their to do list or even used on a daily basis. It just sits there patiently, waiting for its moment to shine. It isn’t like when you need your clutch replaced or that becomes faulty, that thing makes a big scene, it lets you know its broken.
Like every part of your car, air con is important and needs a little TLC every now and then.
And, if you request, we can show you the before and after of the end product, so you know that we have actually done something for you and you are getting your moneys worth.

If you are looking for the best cambelt replacement garage in Liverpool, look no further, you have found it. Berry Street Garage is the place to go.
While Berry Street is our name it may as well be Cambelt replacement, our skilled mechanics are so good they make it look easy, but with their years of experience, it should be easy for them by now.
You don’t just get called the best garage for nothing, not only are we one of the most established and reliable garages, we are called it because we stock up on the parts we need in advance. And we have a massive range that is hard to beat so we are ready and waiting for our valued customers to drive through the door.. And if on the unlikely event we don’t have what we need, we have a next day delivery service in place.
Cambelt Replacement, no fuss, no hassle, all good fun
With us there is no hassle, no messing around, you’ll be in and out so quickly, you’ll wonder if we actually did anything. But trust me, our hard working mechanics did.
Anything you need doing, we have supplies and are all stocked up, from wheel balancing to issues with suspension. Can we do it? Yes we can!
Don’t waste time on Google searching through page after page of garages promising the world, just come here.
We have great prices
Just round the corner
You’ll be in and out

The best Engine Replacement Garage in Liverpool you could ask for
If you are looking for an engine replacement garage in Liverpool that has over 15 years of experience with engine repair and replacement then you should come to Berry Street Garage.
With our impressive amount of experience and mechanics who are highly trained and skilled we will be able to fit your car with a new engine in next to no time. But, we will also do you one better. Whatever your cars make and model we will track down the perfect engine for you. From new to recommissioned and from petrol to diesel. We will make your car feel brand new.
Now, replacing an engine, it sounds like a big, complicated job, and it is. We aren’t going to beat around the bush on that one. But, it is a lot cheaper than giving up on your car and buying a new one. If we can’t repair your engine, we will
To replace or to repair?
Some problems your engine may come across are:
Blown Head Gasket
Cracked Head
Split Piston
These are all major problems, but problems that can be repaired, yet added together it can be a costly repair at that, even with our prices and we for one know the cheaper the better, and with our competitive prices that’s what you get. Overall you will find that most times it is much cheaper and cost effective for you to just replace the whole engine rather than repair what’s wrong.
Of course, we don’t expect you to make this decision on your own. Our friendly mechanics are always on hand to offer you advice and support in figuring out what is the best and cheapest option for you. We want you to leave us happy and confident in your decision.

Car Suspension In Liverpool, we are the experts
Are you sick of driving and feeling every single bump in the road? Getting some serious motion sickness just popping to the shops? Well then you need a car suspension expert in Liverpool and that’s us at Berry Street Garage in Bootle. We can turn that dreaded bumpy car ride into a smooth dream ride. We are just that good.
Having faulty suspension is no issue for our expert mechanics, with their years of experience, being highly trained and with the help of some fancy pants modern technology, they will be done in a jiffy.
Faulty Suspension in Liverpool, a thing of the past
There are a few signs that you can look out for with your car, which can help you know whether or not you need to bring your car to us, so keep your eye out for:
Your car bouncing up and down
Losing control when you stop suddenly
Veering off course
And a visible fault in the suspension
And as well if your car seems to be sagging as low as some peoples trousers nowadays, you should definitely drop by our garage because your suspension needs checking out as soon as possible.
Even if you think your suspension seems okay, we advise that for every 15000 miles you drive, you get your cars checked out and serviced. Then if our mechanics find something that needs doing it will be a less costly endeavor than if it was left unchecked.
Regular checks by professional mechanics find the everyday wear and tear that car owners can miss. Our trained eyes give us the advantage

The Best Diesel Mechanics in Liverpool
We all know that engines are the most important part of a car, being as without them, it won’t work. So if your diesel engine is seizing up and having a tantrum, you should call a Liverpool diesel expert. You should call us at Berry Street Garage in Bootle.
We love the idea of everything diesel so have taken a special interest in the subject. This way we have become specialised in it and one of the best around. Not to mention the cheapest.
Diesel, better than Petrol?
With a great diesel engine comes great responsibility. They require that extra bit of attention and TLC as well as a vast knowledge of its mechanics and how its works. But don’t worry, thats where we come in. Our highly trained and skilled mechanics specialise in the subject and know everything there is to know. We pride ourselves in that knowledge and it even extends to our other services like our MOT’s
If you have a diesel car, you should only trust a our diesel specialists to handle it if it needs a little care. They know exactly what they are doing and are the best at it.
There are a few things that you probably need to do and be aware of if you are to own a diesel engine. Diesel isn’t as refined as petrol so you will have to:
Change the oil more frequently
Add extra additives to keep the cold out
Think about getting a new filter
None of these are major problems but can turn into them. So you should drop by the moment you feel somethings wrong. Our mechanics love a challenge and are always more than happy to advise you and any thing diesel to help keep it running smoothly for miles to come.

The Liverpool MOT that you’ll Love
Booking an MOT in Liverpool can be so tedious. Going through garage after garage finding the best deals. Well you have found them. Here at Berry Street Garage in Bootle we can offer you amazing prices and one of the best MOT’s.
Named one of Liverpool’s most established and reliable Car Repair and MOT’s centre, we give you results that you can be happy with. We didn’t get that title by giving bad service.
You don’t need to worry with us. As a reputable Liverpool MOT test centre we strive for the best as does our team of highly skilled, honest and friendly mechanics. We have thousands of returning customers each year, we get the results you need and want to see from your car service.
The MOT Test Centre that’ll leave you wanting more
Everyone is concerned when the word MOT pops up, worried that it isn’t going to pass even if you think your car is in a great condition. We do our very best to ensure that your car will pass. So take a breathe of fresh air, have a cup of tea, we got you covered.
No matter what we find during the car’s service, if you didn’t know about it, we will always give you a call before we do anything so you don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill at the end of it.
You are our top priority and we aim to have you leave with a smile on your face, and with our prices and quality of service we know you will do.
A cheap MOT in Liverpool that will have you coming back time and time again.

The Car Exhaust Garage in Liverpool YOU can trust
Are you in the market for one of the best car exhaust garages in Liverpool? Look no further, you have found it!. We specialise in exhaust replacement and repair, we are so good, it might as well be our middle name. So you have definitely come to the right place.
Having to look around and scroll through countless google search results that don’t always make sense can be time consuming, and in this day and age, time is something we don’t have. And honestly, it can be simply exhausting trying to find the right place – excuse the pun.
Now that you have found us, you know that you can trust that our highly skilled and trained mechanics can do the job:
To top quality precision
At an amazing price.
Out with the old and in with the new…car exhaust
Unfortunately, exhaust replacement can happen out of nowhere, a bit of an unexpected surprise. You can just be driving along the BAM, no more exhaust, all you can see is it getting smaller in your rear view mirror as you leave it lying in the middle of the road behind you.
Due to its placement within the car, the damage can a lot of the time go unseen. Whether it be corrosion or it has just come loose, you can’t see it, and whats that old saying? Out of sight out of mind?
Well we want it at the forefront of your mind, and we recommend that you get regular car services and check ups, especially if you notice something is wrong. From the unmistakable sound of something rattling that shouldn’t be or just a little bit too much smoke appearing. If any of these signs appear, go to a garage immediately, otherwise it could end up becoming a much more costly problem.

Wheel Alignment in Liverpool, more important than you think
Are you feeling like you aren’t in control of your car, more like its controlling you? Maybe you feel kind of off balance. Well no, it isn’t the roads of Liverpool, no matter how bad they may seem, its very likely that your wheel alignment could be off.
If this is the case, come down to Berry Street Garage, as one of Liverpools most established and reliable MOT and Car Repair Centres, we can help. We didn’t get the title over night, we got it though hard work and amazing service and prices. Just ask our thousands of returning customers every year. Our service is pretty hard to beat.
Align now, Save later
If your wheels are a little skew, then it is vital you get to a Liverpool wheel alignment centre immediately. You wouldn’t think that how your wheels are aligned would be so important, just having wheels on your car should be enough right? Wrong.
What does wheel alignment actually do:
It allows you to control your car
Reduces tire wear
Ensures when driving you car travels straight
Makes sure you car doesn’t pull to one side
With our garage sporting the best a highest quality modern equipment, which is then controlled by our highly skilled mechanics, who have years of experience to add to the mix. We can use this and our trained eye to diagnose any problems your car may have.
If you notice that you car is doing anything from above, from lack of control to unusual tire wear, you should come in. It isn’t the worth taking the risk, not only will it make you less of a risk on the road, but will save you a bundle in the long run. A win/win situation.

Need Car Body Work Done? Liverpool is the place to be
From tiny scratches to monstrous dents we at Berry Street Garage are experts at car body work. Fixing a dent in a car is a second nature almost like breathing.
We can transform your car from that old clunker you hate getting into every morning, to a fabulous joy ride you live to drive and show off, and trust me, when we are finished with it you will be showing it off. There is never any need to drive around something you aren’t happy with when you can come here to us.
We have 3 components which make us the best at what we do:
Put simply, we are the best around
We work quickly and efficiently, giving you results
We have skilled mechanics who are the top dogs at what they do
Those put together, makes us happy to accept the title of one of Liverpools most established and reliable MOT and Car Repair Centres.
Fixing Car Dents is what we do
After using our top notch equipment, we work hard to ensure your car meets your expectations. Whether you came in with a little dent or a huge scratch, you will be leaving with a smile on your face, mixed with confusion as you wonder if the beautiful car you see before you is actually yours or not.
And to top it all off, we have a fantastic claims advice team on hand if you need help with anything if you have been in a Road Traffic Accident. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Liverpools #1 Brakes Centre
If you are thinking about getting your brakes done, then you have come to the right place. Here at Berry Street Garage in Bootle we are the number one brakes centre in Liverpool. Our efficiency and abilities are second to none.
Brakes are the single most important part of your car, well maybe apart from the engine. So getting them checked should be very high on your to do list if not at the top. Even the most experienced and careful drivers can get into accidents, and its then that you need your brakes to work the second you press down on that pedal.
Brakes, you need them, we have them
At Berry Street Garage we put you first, especially when you brakes are the problem, replacing them is as easy as 123. We arent called one of the most established and reliable Car Repair and MOT centres in Liverpool for nothing. It was our amazing service, results and thousands of returning customers each year that got us that title.
When replacing your brakes we use
The best up to date equipment
Highly skilled mechanics with years of experience
And a highly trained eye
All these are important when we work on your car, like cogs in a machine. They work together to get the job done up to a standard you will be talking about for years.
Don’t hesitate, if you think your brakes need looking over, or replacing, give us a call. We are the masters of brakes and are here to serve you. We want you to feel safe in your car, and we guarantee we can accomplish that for you.

The Liverpool Car Service Company you NEED
Do you live in Liverpool and are thinking of getting your car serviced? Now that is a good idea. And you should look no further that Berry Street Garage in Bootle.
But what are you looking for in a Garage?
Friendly Mechanics
Great Prices
Results you will Love
Car Servicing in Liverpool, you can’t beat the best!
Getting your car serviced regularly is a very smart idea, and its something we encourage, getting it done regularly means that its safer for you when driving around and others on the road as well. Also, when you get your car serviced on a regular basis means a higher chance of passing your MOT when that rolls around and who doesn’t want that to happen? This is also something we can do for you when the time comes.
With a team of mechanics with years of experience under their tool belt means that you are in some of the best hands throughout Liverpool.
We have been in this business for a while now so we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Like having a large quantity of stock so that it makes the chances of us having the parts we need for you on hand. You need a part that we don’t have, well don’t fret we will order it using our next day delivery service. We always aim to have you back on the road a quick as possible.
Our amazing full car service is just £110, a great deal, with great value that you are going to brag about. You will make us your permanent car service provider. You’ll want to recommended us to all your friends

Clutch Replacement and Repair in Liverpool at your Fingertips
Clutches, they are a pretty important aspect of your car and usually a forgotten aspect too, well until it is too late, and if you like changing gear or driving your car at all it’s something that you should pay more attention too.
We understand its underappreciated importance here at Berry Street Garage and because of that, we are one of the best clutch replacement and repair centres in Liverpool. No contest. You don’t get the title “on of the most established and reliable MOT and car repair centre in Liverpool” for nothing.
We have a team of highly skilled and fully trained mechanics at the ready, who with years of experience specialise in this area of repair. So you know that your car is in expert hands. They could replace a clutch in their sleep, but that’s not something we recommend them doing.
Liverpool Clutch Centre, covering all your cars needs
The clutch is a very complicated piece of technology when it comes down to it. It requires a lot of care and attention, otherwise it has a tantrum and stops working. This is something that can be avoided by:
Getting regular checks
Choosing a reputable garage
Trusting our skilled mechanics
By following these simple steps you know you will be in the best hands throughout Liverpool and in next to no time your car will be purring like a kitten in gratitude.
Don’t make the rookie mistake and wait until your next MOT to get your clutch checked, by then it could be too late. Pre-book now using the form to the left, give us a call or just drop by to get more information, we are always happy to help. You are our top priority.

Wheel Balancing In Liverpool, quick and easy
Is your car making you look and feel drunk when you are driving down the road. First it swerves to the left, then back to the right. If this is you, then we think it’s time to cut it off and bring it into our wheel balancing centre in Liverpool.
It’s quick and easy. Something our highly skilled mechanics can do no problem. Oh and did I mention its a very costiffective service with our prices that won’t break the bank.
Sort your wheel balance now rather than later
We recommend that you get your car to us as soon as possible once you have noticed a problem. It may be easy to sort out the balance of a wheel, but like a wound left untreated, it can cause a whole host of problems.
Discomfort from vibrations in car
Wear down tyres unnaturally fast
Wear down the suspension
Wear down the steering component
A simple problem left untreated can become a costly one.
Prevention is our favourite word. So we reckon you make it yours as well and bring your car in at the first sign of trouble. If you do, we can guarantee that for your wheel balancing you’ll be in and out within the hour. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.
Our mechanics work had an efficiently, which is why we have been granted the titles as one of Liverpool’s most established and reliable MOT and Car Repair Centre. We earned the title and we aim to keep it. Out thousands of returning customers each year don’t lie.

Getting Tyres in Liverpool, easy a pie
Tyre replacement. Yet another thing we at Berry Street Garage are the best at. We say that a lot, but with thousands of returning customers a year, our results don’t lie. Look no further for your reputable tyre centre in Liverpool, we can handle all your tyre needs. Anything tyre related we can do, from wheel alignment to wheel balancing and everything in between, we are your go to garage.
Just like our highly skilled and experience mechanics do, our tyres go that extra mile, which is exactly what you want. Tyres that will last. With us, you know you are going to get:
Amazing prices
Amazing quality
Amazing service
Our tyre centre in Liverpool offers great value for every customer along with top quality service and results, as well as all that at amazingly low costs on new and used tyres which are all in exemplary condition.
So how many tyres can I sign you up for?
A Tyre Centre in Liverpool, giving you exactly what you need
Don’t fret, our aim isn’t to sell you as many tyres as we can. Our aim is to fit you out with what you need, whether thats one type or more. We give you exactly what you need, no more, no less. No trying to get you to buy a new set of tyres plus 30 spares.
We aim for our mechanics to fit your tyres in just 20 minutes. Yeah, thats right. You could be in and out in your lunch break. No panicking because you have to take time off work, just pop down during, when you are actually allowed to leave work (and still get paid, but we won’t tell).
There is no sales pitch that we know you won’t listen to anyway, just a plain and simple transaction that will keep you smiling, and not scare you away with ridiculous and unnecessary technical talk.
Call now to have your car handled by experts and give it the TLC is always deserves.