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10 months ago
Mitsuhiro N.
Mitsubishi Grandis 2004
Excellent swift service!!
over 4 years ago
Clutch, Volkswagen Caddy 2008
Honestly, this place is really poor. Start with very bad communication, impossible to reach them on the phone and never come back to me. Than they replaced the wrong part for me and charge me for it... And than for finish, when i got my vehicle back from them the problem remain and the vehicle did strong strange noise. They obviously didn't take any responsibility and said there is faulty part again "coincidence" ... That point i couldn't trust them anymore and took the vehicle to a mechanic friend and he sorted the problem in 2-3 minutes and shoed me that when they connected the pipes after the fixing they just put it in the wrong way and not fully in so that what made the strong noise not any faulty part.... VERY POOR SERVICE ! Please, do not consider leaving your vehicle with them. I'm willing to give any type of prof on my story to make a little justice here ! Asaf

T L Motors - Jul 22 2015

With reference to your compliant, initially we were asked to give you a price to supply and fit a clutch master slave cylinder as we did, you then asked us to give you a price to supply and fit a clutch slave cylinder, which came through one of our Internet suppliers who send us jobs, upon your acceptance of our quote the vehicle was then booked in with us to replace the clutch slave cylinder, which may I add was RECOVERED to us as it wasn't driveable prior to the works being carried out because there was no clutch pedal.

As per your request we fitted the clutch slave cylinder, but we're unable to bleed the system as the problem was still there.
We then carried out a FREE OF CHARGE diagnostic investigation to discover there was a problem with the clutch master cylinder.
With your authorisation, we fitted the clutch master cylinder and managed to bleed the system okay.

Upon collection you came and suggested that the pedal was halfway down, we went out to check and it appeared to be okay.
Of which the vehicle was driven away by yourself.

In reference to the noise we can confirm there was a noise from the dual mass flywheel area of which is internal to the gearbox, we did not remove the gearbox at all and it wasn't booked in for the noise !

The clutch master and slave pipes cannot be fitted the wrong way they can only be fitted one way.
All of our technicians are fully qualified and highly experienced.

All works carried out are guaranteed parts and labour
12 months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first as per
Terms and Conditions, which can be found on our Website.

But just to set the record straight we fitted the The clutch slave cylinder as you asked to be priced and fitted.
It was done upon your request and authorisation.

TL Motors

over 4 years ago
Clutch, Vauxhall Corsa 2007
Great service start to finish
over 4 years ago
Priyank P.
Exhaust, 2008
the work completed and the service provided was excellent.
over 4 years ago
Gearbox/gear shift, Kia Picanto 2008
Very good, would recommend. Had a problem with solenoids and they worked really hard to figure out what was wrong.