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5 months ago
Other jobs, Vauxhall Corsa 2006
over 4 years ago
Alan A.
Servicing, Ford S-Max 2008
over 4 years ago
Exhaust, Toyota Corolla 2003
I got ot a call about 7 hours, after I'd drop off the vehicle, saying that it was ready for collection. When I got to the garage, they ask me for £20:00 more, than the price they had quoted for the job. When I ask why, I was told that the part that they quote me for, did not fit. What if I had turned up with just the quoted price? Should they not have called me and ask a question? Instead of quoting one price & asking me to pay more, once the work was done!" It's not the money, it's the principle.
about 5 years ago
Fault seeking/diagnosis, Citroën C4 2005
The garage was punctual and did very good correspondence through out. Had a good laugh with them and would recommend them highly
over 5 years ago
Airconditioning, Honda Civic 2006
Great service, friendly people. Job done in 4 hours as per quote. I would use them again. Price was the same as the quote.