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about 3 years ago
Brakes, Ford C-Max 2009
about 3 years ago
Fault seeking/diagnosis, Vauxhall Insignia 2012
almost 4 years ago
Timing belt/chain, Renault Kangoo 2010
Timing belt and water pump renewed at the price quoted. Clean and organised workshop, good customer service and communication. Old units kept for my inspection. I travelled quite a distance to this garage, but I recommend it and would use it again.
about 4 years ago
Servicing, Renault Megane 2006
over 4 years ago
Brakes, Renault Megane 2007
Second time I've used this garage so that says it all car was done as soon as I turned up to a very high standard and when the car was ready they had even given it a clean cheers Alex 👍

Come to Conor’s Car Centre based in Brentford and covering the surrounding areas including Ealing, Acton, Isleworth and North & West London, when you need vehicle repair and maintenance services from qualified mechanics. You’ll enjoy our dedication to customer service, complete with competitive prices and regularly updated special offers.

Enjoy the benefits of a thorough servicing from experienced automotive experts. We clean your engine, flushing out harmful combustion products, then add a fuel treatment to clean the system and injectors. Our servicing options are quick and effective, with a full service coming in at just over two hours.

Comprehensive Garage Services
Discover a fresh approach to automotive maintenance by visiting Conor’s Car Centre. As life-long lovers of all things related to cars, our dependable team intuitively know the best practice to get top performance out of your vehicle’s systems. Contact us now for a quote, we carry out fast and effective checks and repairs on a range of parts including:

Timing belts
Dual mass flywheels
We update and stamp your service record book after each inspection, to ensure that all necessary legal requirements are met. Your car is a vital part of your everyday life, and we want to make sure that it provides you with nothing but reliability and memorable drives.

Air Conditioning Servicing in Brentford & Ealing
Enjoy a more comfortable driving experience by ensuring that your air con is working at peak performance. Conor’s Car Centre Ltd based in Brentford & Ealing repair and service your car’s air conditioning system, so call us in the minute your vehicle is feeling humid or stuffy. We work quickly to fix any issues and make sure that you save money long term.

Unchecked air conditioning that is working below-par can lead to added burdens on fuel consumption and an increase in wear on your engine. Most major manufacturers recommend that you service your car at least once every two years to ensure the best returns. Call us today if your car is failing to deliver any of the following:

Cooling your car
Circulating air
Purifying the air flow
Dehumidifying the car
Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance
Enjoy cost-effective servicing work that will improve your driving experience with Conor’s Car Centre Ltd. Our full air-conditioning servicing costs just £39.99, and features a comprehensive system of checks including:

Recovering refrigerant from system
Checking condition condenser unit
Pressure testing the system
Checking condition of hoses and harnesses
Vacuuming system for dust
Recharging with refrigerants and oil
Checking compressor oil level
Carrying out pressure and temperature tests
Leak-testing all components
We also provide a thorough de-bugging service that destroys bacteria and fungi that has built up inside the system. Our cleansing process neutralises and prevents smells created by microbes, leading to a cleaner and fresher car that is more enjoyable for all passengers.

Tyrestyres in Brentford
We can supply and fit tyres of all brands and can usually supply tyres on the same day. We can also recommend specific brands in order to ensure the best value for money is received.

Wheels that are not balanced or are out of balance generally produce a vibration that is uncomfortable to drive in and results in premature wearing of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

Correctly balanced wheels help to eliminate vibration and avoid premature wear caused by an imbalance in the rotating wheel and tyre assembly. The first sign that your wheels may be out of balance is when your steering wheel starts to wobble above a certain speed. The light weight of modern cars means that they don’t dampen down the vibrations caused by spinning wheels in the way that older, heavier vehicles could.

A driver may not always sense an imbalance at the steering wheel. It could be present with but dampened by the vehicle weight. This is why balancing is equally important for both front and rear wheels.

Wheels are balanced on a wheel balancing machine. The machine rotates the tyre and wheel assembly and automatically calculates the weight and location of the balance counter weight.

As a result of wheel balancing, you should notice a smoother ride and better wear from your tyres, again saving you time and money

Diagnosticsvehicle diagnostics in Brentford
Most modern vehicles have a computer or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) & several control modules that controls engine operation.

The ECU relies on the sensors on your car to make it run at its optimum performance at all times to meet with today’s strictest emission regulations. When a sensors goes wrong it may be a fault with the engine or sensors, the ECU sees this problem and logs the fault code within it’s memory (not all problems are logged, depends on what system your car is using). Often the ECU warning light on the dash board may light up, indicating to you that there is a problem but that is not always the case.

The same will happen if a mechanical component of the controlled system fails. For example, if the EGR valve fails, or injectors fail this will also cause the “check engine” light to come on. The stored trouble code can be retrieved with a diagnostic tool. The code itself does not tell exactly which part to replace; it only gives a direction where to look. It is then up to the Vehicle Technician to use his experience to locate the exact problem. There is no one single diagnostics tool on the market the can work on every vechicle which is why Conors Car Centre Ltd has invested heavily on diagnostics equipment.