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Privacy Policy

Personal data

When you create a profile on the service, collects and stores
the various items of basic information (compulsory information) necessary for administering your
use of the service, including administration of the access rights you grant to others and which
others grant to you.

The service also uses so­called cookies. A cookie is a small file stored on your
computer containing an identification of the computer for the use of The file
does not contain any actual information about you. Cookies are used in order to create an
optimum user experience, for instance more tightly focussed information to you, and to enable
the service to remember your username.

Whenever you visit the service, the IP address of your computer is recorded and stored.
The use of cookies and recording of your IP address ensures that your use of the service is
logged. It is also necessary to ensure secure communication and administration of your rights
under the service. will not pass on your basic and other information recorded about you and your
use of the service. The same applies to the material you upload to the service, unless you
yourself give others access to such information or has previously obtained your
express consent for passing on such content. However, if is ordered to provide
information about you by the police or the courts, it will provide the information required.

You are entitled to contact and demand to know the information which has recorded about you and how such information has been obtained.

If you become aware that information which has recorded about you is faulty,
you may at any time contact with a request that the faulty data be corrected, if
you are unable to alter this yourself in your profile. is the data controller under the terms of the basic information which you need to
key in to create a profile. In respect of all other data, including the data which you have voluntarily
entered and the material you upload to the service, you yourself are the data controller and is the data uses an external IT supplier to handle technical operation and maintenance of This IT supplier is the data processor for and you hereby
accept that the IT supplier will also process the data for which you yourself are the data

The IT supplier as data processor will only act on the instructions of and
acquires no rights of any kind over personal data about you or other rights to the information you
provide or the material you upload.

By accepting these terms, you give the authority to instruct the IT supplier in the
processing of your data. The data processor has taken the necessary technical and
organisational safety and security measures to prevent the accidental or unlawful destruction,
loss or impairment of the information, and to prevent it coming to the knowledge of unauthorised
persons or being misused or otherwise handled in contravention of the Processing of Personal
Data Act or’s instructions. At your request, and on payment of the data
processor’s hourly rates for such work at any time, the data processor will provide you with
sufficient information to allow the latter to verify that the named technical and organisational
safety measures have been taken.

In order to create a profile with, we need you to provide the following information:
Name, address, telephone number and email address

We record your personal information for the purpose of providing you with our product.

The Director and employees of have access to the information recorded about

We do not store customer information in encrypted form.

We do not transmit customer information in encrypted form.

We use web analytics on, meaning that a statistics system collects information
to give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and the point of
exit from the website, etc.

Web analytics is only used for the purpose of optimising

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