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27 days ago
Ford Transit 2006
2 months ago
Skoda Octavia 2004
5 months ago
Fault seeking/diagnosis, Renault Scenic 2011
Welcomed by clearly knowledgable person who explained process of diagnostics and went thoroughly through analysis and options. Best lesson in any subject since leaving school 60 years ago. Thank you.
7 months ago
Audi A4 2008
All good..
7 months ago
Kia Ceed 2014
7 months ago
Engine, Vauxhall Corsa 2006
7 months ago
Electrical work, Mazda MX-5 1998
Good service, alas couldn't solve problem..

The Garage Wodburn Sands - Euro Repar - Nov 07 2018

thanks for the review, though incorrect, there was no charge payable by you even though we spent time looking at your vehicle, however as discussed with yourself, we could not work on such a heavily modified/lowered vehicle as we could not get it onto the workshop equipment. .