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9 months ago
Massimo S.
Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 2008
Job done and as quoted.
9 months ago
Mitsubishi Outlander 2014
11 months ago
Yasmin C.
Renault Clio 2010
12 months ago
Porsche Cayenne 2015
Quote received thank you
about 1 year ago
Alexandru G.
over 1 year ago
Sadly problem could not be sorted but good garage service..
over 1 year ago
Mercedes-Benz A-CLASS 2007
over 1 year ago
Porsche Cayenne 2004
about 4 years ago
Ford Mondeo 2012
Excellent service
over 4 years ago
R H.
Audi A3 2005
i had a bad experience here, sadly. Garage investigated electrical problem with my car's instrument cluster, and it was decided that it would be better to replace the cluster rather than try to repair it. They told me they could get me a 2nd hand cluster for £175 ("we could get a cheaper one but the one we've found has the exact same parts numbers as your current one so we know it will work"). When I picked the car up I soon realised that the cluster that had been used was for a diesel car (my car is a petrol car) so couldn't possibly have had the same parts number. It's horrible to find out you're being treated like a mug. When i pulled the garage up for this, they agreed to replace the cluster with an (apparently) brand new one at no extra charge, and were helpful in delivering car back to me at home. However, the car now has an expensive new fault that had not been present before - with the ESP/brake pressure switch. This will require an expensive fix. Now, my car is old (10 years) so of course I understand faults can occur at any time, but it seems very unlucky for such a fault to happen while the car is being worked on at a garage. They quoted me an additional £476.41 to fix the new fault, but needless to say, i will be having this investigated elsewhere. A very disappointing experience, I'm sad to say.

At Acton Service Centre we offer the following service pledge:

-We will provide you with a fully itemised, written estimate including VAT before working on your car and will if you wish provide firm written quotations where we can.

-If we identify work additional to that for which we have received your permission to undertake while your car is in our workshop, we will contact you to inform you of the cost and whether the work is essential or advisable so that you can make an informed decision about how you would like us to proceed.

-Our technicians (members of ATA) have the skills required to complete the job on your car in a professional manner and we will check your car against the work undertaken before returning it to you, retaining replaced parts for inspection should you wish us to do so for at least 24 hours after you have collected the car.

-We choose to fit parts of equivalent quality to those originally fitted by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

-Our objective is to complete the work on your vehicle on time. If – for whatever reason – your car is not going to be ready as promised, we will make every effort to contact you in good time.

-At the end of each job our invoice will detail what we have done including what parts we have replaced and we will inform you of any work we identified in the course of the job which need not be undertaken immediately, but may soon be required.

-We will record all the servicing completed on your vehicle in your service record book. This may enhance the resale value of your vehicle by demonstrating that you have had it regularly maintained by a quality garage.

-A qualified member of staff will also be available to answer quickly and courteously any questions or problems you may have but in the unlikely event of us being unable to resolve a problem to your satisfaction, we offer the free services of – and will abide by the decision made by – an independent arbitration service. Above all, we pride ourselves in always offering high standards of workmanship and friendly, helpful service.

-In the unlikely event of a replaced part failing due to incorrect fitment or the part itself being faulty, we offer the added reassurance of free parts and labour for replacement within 12 months or 12000 miles commencing from the date of original fitment, whichever is the earlier.

-There are lots of different garages out there for you to choose from. However, we believe that what makes us very different is our ability to offer you the best of everything.

“professional and friendly approach with genuine quotes. I will come back again. Prices are fair and workmanship is good.”
by Cherly Headland

“Very good service from the team, very reasonable on prices and service is excellent.”
by Eric Owusu

“Very good and fast efficient service, got me out of trouble when I was stuck at homebase, when my battery was flat.”
by Malcom Arthur

“Best Service !!!!Good Job by Acton Service Centre”
by A Google User

Regular service on your vehicle can ensure small defects are detected and rectified before they become a major problem for your car.

We provide fixed price same day servicing to all makes and models of vehicles to meet specific vehicle manufacturer service schedules.

Minor Service – 6-Month Service
For manufacturers that recommend frequent checks or if you are high mileage user; this service will be ideal for you. It ensures the vehicle is maintained and prevents unforeseen defects. The package includes engine oil replacements and filter change in addition to a wide range of checks in other key areas.

Full Service – 12-Month Service
If you want complete peace of mind, this comprehensive annual inspection ensures trouble free motoring and exceeds the servicing schedule for a majority of manufacturers. Our technicians will carry out a high level check and replacement of spark plugs and air filter in addition to the minor service above.

MOT & Service Package

Please contact us about our combined “MOT & Service” Package offer.

This is what we do:
Four wheel
Fit car protection kit
Note any damage to body or upholstery
Add engine oil and fuel flush (at extra cost)
Road test vehicle and assess brake, steering and suspension*
Check handbrake lever operation and travel
Check correct operation of brake servo
Check horn operation and tone
Check steering wheel and column for free play
Check operation of exterior lights
Check operation of door mirrors, windows and central locking
Check condition of wiper blades
Check operation of windscreen washers, adjust and top up
Check operation of interior lights
Check correct operation warning lights
Check operation of heating systems and air conditioning
Check operation and condition of seatbelts
Carry out Battery and Alternator test
Inspect condition of auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt).
Check Coolant condition / strength
Check brake fluid condition / strength
Drain engine oil
Fit new sump washer.
Replace Engine oil and filter**
Inspect for general fluid leaks
Top up all under bonnet fluids
Inspect brakes visually from outside
Inspect condition of exhaust system and mountings
Inspect condition of tyres and set pressures
Lubricate door locks and hinges
Reset service indicator if applicable
Stamp service book if provided
Check timing belt interval and vehicle history if applicable
Hand wash and leather
Check clutch for correct operation
Check gear shift quality / auto gearbox operation
Check steering for stability, pull or wander
Check operation of instruments
Inspect brake hoses and pipes
Inspect suspension mountings
Inspect ball joints for wear and play
Inspect shock absorbers
Inspect drive shaft, joints and gaiters
Check prop shaft and universal joints
Inspect track rod ends
Examine steering rack for play and oil leaks
Check power steering hoses / pump for leaks
Inspect wheel bearings for roughness and play
Check fuel cap condition
Inspect under body for corrosion
Remove rear wheels / drums and assess brakes
Lubricate brake back plates, side points and handbrake levers
Adjust handbrake if applicable
Assess engine performance and oil levels
Fit new air filter
Fit new spark plugs if applicable *
Fit new pollen filter if applicable at cost
Fit new fuel filter if required at cost
Refit road wheels (rotate tyres if necessary)

Acton Service Centre offers a range of high quality new clutches from leading manufacturers. All parts fitted carry a 12-month or 12,000 mile guarantee (whichever is the sooner – ask for details).

It is important to get specialist advice before fitting a new clutch. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, drop by at Acton Service Centre where our technicians will be happy to assist you and provide a free clutch check:


Look out for: Engine accelerating without any increase in actual speed; inability to drive up steep hills and a burning smells

Causes: Defective/worn friction plate, or presence of oil on the plate, incorrect clutch amendments


Look out for: Difficulty in getting the car in gear especially first and reverse; and a jolt when you try to change the gear with the car in motion

Causes: Incorrect clutch and cable adjustments, lack of fluid in hydraulic system, centre plate sticking on spine


Look out for: Jolt and vibration as the vehicle moves from rest

Causes: Damaged friction plate, damaged or loose engine / gearbox mounts

The exhaust system is an important and one of the hardest working component s of the vehicle. It is made up of:

Manifold; connected directly to the engine cylinders and channels gases into the exhaust system
Lambda / Front Downpipe; an electronic device that measure the amount of oxygen in the gases as they travel through the car. The downpipe is where the gases merge from the engine into the catalytic converter
Centre Section; Includes the catalytic converter which helps remove harmful and pollutant gases, and a silencer box that helps reduce engine and vibration noises.
Rear Silencer Box; additional filters to further reduce engine noise and connected to tailpipe that directs gases away from the vehicle.

Acton Service Centre supplies and fits part or complete exhaust systems for any make and model of vehicle.

The most common section to become defective is the rear silencer as moisture tends to gather inside the box and attacks the metal. This internal corrosion will often result in a hole, which causes the exhaust to blow. A defective exhaust will mean the vehicle fails the MOT test. Additionally, it causes excessive noise; thereby rendering the vehicle illegal which could lead to a fixed penalty fine. An unchecked exhaust may also result in fumes entering the car, which can be harmful to the driver an passengers.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are now fitted to all cars registered after 1993 to remove harmful pollution from the exhaust gases. This expensive and high-tech component fits in the exhaust system and looks on the outside like a typical silencer box.

The catalytic converter is an integral part of the engine performance system, and sensors control the gases entering and leaving the catalytic converter. Their effectiveness is measured by testing the exhaust gas emissions. This is an important part of the MOT and service requirements on all cars today.

The catalytic converter can be damaged if the engine is not properly tuned and excess fuel or oils enter the component. If your catalytic converter or exhaust does become defective and requires replacing, Acton Service Centre provides top quality replacement parts at significant saving to dealer prices.

With regular servicing and FREE checks at Acton Service Centre we can keep your exhaust system legal and prevent any fumes from entering the vehicle. With our fully skilled technicians we can diagnose any current faults or any faults that may occur in the near future and cause the exhaust or the catalytic converter to become defective.

Please contact us for your requirements.

Our can take your vehicle for its next MOT up to a month before it is due. It is not widely known that the expiry date on your new MOT is 12 months from its expiry date of your old one.

At Acton Service Centre, we can carry out an MOT test on your vehicle while-u-wait. Our technicians carry out the following checks to ensure your vehicle can meet minimum safety requirements

Further information on the MOT test can be found here:

Acton Service Centre stock most leading quality brand named tyres including Michelin, Continental, Pirelli; so you will always find a range to suit your car and your budget. We specialise in high performance tyres for all makes and models with competitive prices. Why not contact us for a quotation on your requirements.

UK law requires that your vehicle be fitted with the correct type and size of tyres for the vehicle type you are driving and for the purpose it is being used. This means fitting the right tyres, and for safety ensuring that they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

It is a legal requirement to have a tyre tread of at least 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre – your vehicle will not pass its MOT if it is below this amount.

For safety reasons it is recommended that you replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached. Leading motoring organisations recommend 2mm and many vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing at 3mm.

A regular check of your tyres can help you to avoid up to 3 penalty points and £2500 in fines (per tyre) for having tyres worn beyond the legal minimum limit fitted to your vehicle.

You should always check your tyre pressures regularly too. Tyres should have the correct pressure according to the distance you plan to travel and expected load of the car. Your car manual will state the necessary tyre pressure. Feel free to give us a call or pop by should you need any assistance.

It is also a legal requirement to ensure that tyres of different construction types are not fitted to opposite sides of the same axle. The two main tyre types are radial and cross-ply, and these must not be mixed on the same axle.

Depending on your vehicle type and manufacturer recommendations; mixing brands and patterns of the same construction type is permissible. Check your vehicles handbook for tyre specifications and options.

Why not contact us to assist you in selecting the right tyres for your vehicle.

Regular brake checks are highly recommended as they are an important part of your vehicle servicing as well as being crucial to your safety and that of other road users. If you are a leisure user of your vehicle (short journeys etc), it is likely that your brakes will wear down quicker than if you use it on longer journeys. Look out for the most common tell-tale signs to know when your brakes need inspecting:

Grinding noise when brakes are applied usually mean the brake pads have been excessively worn and need immediate replacing along with the brake discs

When the Car pulls to the left or right, it usually means one of the mechanical or hydraulic components have seized or are sticking.

A pulsating feel from the brake pedals is indicative of a distorted brake disc or drum. A spongy feeling from the pedals can mean that there is air in the hydraulic system due a fluid leak.

For safety’s sake, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible when you notice any of the above symptoms. Please call in for a free check.

The steering system on every car requires regular maintenance to keep it at an optimum standard. The steering rack on all motor vehicles is easily knocked out of alignment by the many speed humps and potholes on the roads today. When the wheel alignment is out range, the tyres will wear unevenly on either edge of the sidewalls.

Look out for:

Steering wheel is off-set when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line
The vehicle may drift or veer to the left or right
The front tyres will wear bald or show signs of uneven wear on either edge
If any of these faults are present on your vehicle we strongly recommend you have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted if necessary, as soon as possible.

Acton Service Centre can prolong the life of your tyres with a free wheel alignment check and regular servicing. Our highly trained technicians can be of assistance to advise you of the best solution for any steering problems.

On the suspension system there are many moving parts, the main component of which is rubber that can dry out over a period of time and can crack and perish. In the worst situation the rubber components can split. You may be able to recognise when a component has become defective, some of the effects could be:

When pulling away from a standstill a knocking noise may occur from the front of the vehicle.
When travelling along uneven surfaces, i.e. speed humps or bumpy roads, once again a knocking noise may be heard from either end of the vehicle and the ride in the vehicle may be an uncomfortable one.
On a straight road, i.e. a motorway, if one side at the front of the vehicle there is a defective component, the vehicle will drift or pull to the defective side. An important part of the suspension is the shock absorbers, these are usually hydraulic or gas filled. They are essential to control the bounce on the vehicle and to ensure the tyres are kept firmly on the road. Damaged and worn shock absorbers can reduce the braking efficiency, cause poor cornering and tyre wear.
It is very important to have regular checks on your vehicle, whether it is every 6 or 12 months, to ensure that the ride comfort and suspension system are kept at an optimum level. At Acton Service Centre the suspension system is fully checked over as part of our routine servicing to make sure that you remain as safe and comfortable as possible. With all our technicians being highly trained and fully experienced you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are in safe hands.

Free suspension checks and advice are available from our trained technicians, just call in or contact us.

An illuminated engine warning light means your vehicle has detected a potential emissions fault.The computer has logged one or more diagnostic trouble codes that correspond to the problem and turned on the warning lamp to alert you to the problem. There is NO way to determine the nature of the problem without connecting a diagnostics computer to the vehicle’s diagnostic connector to read the fault code(s). Once this has been done, further diagnosis and testing may be required to isolate the fault so the correct parts can be replaced. Depending on the nature of the fault, your engine may not run as good as it normally does, or it may use more fuel than usual. But usually the problem requires attention as soon as it is possible. You can continue to drive your car until it can be diagnosed.

Common reasons for the CHECK ENGINE light to come on include the failure of an engine sensor such as the oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor, or a problem in an emissions control system or such as the catalytic converter. Oxygen sensors, colloquially known as O2 sensors, make modern electronic fuel injection and emission control possible. They determine if the air fuel ratio exiting a gas-combustion engine is rich (with un-burnt fuel vapour) or lean (with excess oxygen). Un-burnt fuel is pollution in the form of air-borne hydrocarbons, while oxides of nitrogen (NOx gases) are a result of excess air in the fuel mixture and cause smog and acid rain. In practice the oxygen sensor continually signals the ECM to alter the fuelling by a small amount, to maintain the mixture strength as near as possible (+- 1%) to the theoretical ideal (stoichiometric) ratio of 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel, which is the optimum for the catalytic converter to work efficiently.

Air Conditioning is now fitted standard on most makes of vehicles and due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger comfort. Vehicle owners are just realising that Air Conditioning requires regular servicing. If the Air Conditioning is not used throughout the year, the system will tend to lose refrigerant over time as refrigerant permeates through the physical joins between components. Over time this will cause deterioration in performance and release bad smell when the system is used.

Worse still, if you leave Air Conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur, lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture may enter the system. We now offer a range of Air Conditioning related services: Free Air Conditioning Performance Test

Checks system pressures and vent temperature
Compare to recommended levels
Anti-bacterial system clean

Treats the problem of stale smelling at source
Prevents the problem returning for 12 months
Full A/C Service

As per Performance Test
Recover refrigerant
Evacuates air and moisture from the system
Leak test
Recharge to recommended levels adding fresh oil as necessary
Full visual inspection