🔍 What are all-season tyres?

02 March 2021, 04:16

An all-season tyre, also known as mud and snow tyre, is a tyre that can be described as a hybrid since it can be used either in summer or in winter.

Thanks to its composition, the rubber on this type of tyre are somewhere between the rigidity of a summer tyre and the flexibility of a winter tyre.

The tread pattern of an all-season tyre is specific, mixing the fine sipes found on winter tyres and the large blocks of a summer tyre. Thus, an all-season tyre can grip the road in summer as well as in winter.

So you can drive on any type of road safely, whether it's windy, snowing, or the ground completely dry.

❔ How to recognise an all-season tyre?

An all-season tyre is easily recognisable. It usually says "ALL SEASON" on the side of the tyre. Additionally, you will notice the M + S (Mud and Snow), or 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake) marking.

M + S marking on all season tyre

Winter tyre, summer tyre, or all-season tyre?

You don't know which tyre to choose for your car? To give you an idea, we have put together the pros and cons of each type of tyre below.

. ✔️ Advantages ❌ Disadvantages
❄️ Winter tyre
  • Optimal braking on slippery surfaces
  • Reduced wear in winter
  • Optimal grip below 7° C
  • Lower fuel consumption in winter
  • High cost of tyres and fitting
  • Fuel overconsumption above 7 ° C
  • Storage cost
☀️ Summer tyre
  • Best from April to October
  • Good grip on dry or wet roads
  • Quiet
  • Lower fuel consumption in summer
  • Not effective below 7 ° C
  • Fuel overconsumption below 7 ° C
  • Storage price
🌈 All-season tyre
  • Economic: no change every season
  • Good compromise between winter and summer tyres
  • Less efficient on icy roads
  • Overconsumption of fuel
  • Noisier tyres
  • Rapid wear
  • Longer braking distance
  • Higher purchase price

⌛ Wear of all-season tyres

As an all-season tyre has a grip that adapts to all seasons, they wear out faster than a summer or winter tyre.

Do you want to switch to all-season tyres?

Thinking of switching to all-season tyres? Before buying your tyres and making an appointment at a garage, it is a good idea for you to compare the prices of different garages beforehand. This way you can get an idea of what you could pay and find the best price.

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