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What is the car radiator?

This is a Car Radiator

20 July 2015, 12:04

The function of a radiator may best be described as a heat transference system, whereby the heat from hot coolant flowing through, is dispersed by the fan. The majority of radiators in modern vehicles are manufactured from aluminium. An engine coolant flows from the inlet source to the outlet by way of thin tubes mounted in a parallel arrangement, from which heat is transferred into the air flowing through the radiator.

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Black smoke from car

Why is the Particulate Filter Required by Law?

13 July 2015, 14:57

When Diesel is burned in a combustion engine, much more soot is generated than by petrol-fuelled vehicles. Catalytic converters are fitted to all cars in order to make the gases which are generated in the combustion of fuel safer and more environmentally friendly, but these converters do nothing to stop particles of soot from being released into the atmosphere. This is why Diesel Particulate Filters have been introduced and made a legal requirement, to tackle the high levels of soot generated by diesel engines.

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The changes to European emissions regulations, which were announced in September 2009, brought in measures to control the amount of soot which cars co...

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Learn what a Diesel Particulate Filter is

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

01 July 2015, 11:32

In 2009, the ‘Euro 5’ standard was introduced, which led to the requirement for manufacturers to fit Diesel Particulate Filters in the exhaust systems of all diesel cars.

This doesn’t mean that cars built before 2009 don’t have DPFs installed too, many cars manufactured in the years leading up to 2009 were fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters in anticipation of the introduction of the ‘Euro 5’ standard.

The standards were introduced with the target of reducing soot emissions from diesel cars by 80%. The Diesel Particulate Filter does this by trapping the particles of soot, which are created by the combustio...

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How Do Snow Chains Work?

22 June 2015, 12:04

Snow chains work simply by increasing the amount of grip that tyres have on the roads when they are icy or covered in snow. Increasing the traction between the car and the road makes driving in adverse wintery conditions much safer as it reduces the chance of cars losing control and skidding on icy surfaces.

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Snow chains are not a permanent fixture of the car. They are a series of chains which are wrapped around the tyres and which fit tightly over the wheels so that they do not become dislodged in transit. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you choose the right size of snow chains, as it could be very dangerous if you purchase the wrong type. Well-fitt...

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Learn about speed limits when driving with a caravan

When Can You Drive at 60mph with Your Caravan?

15 June 2015, 14:15

In most European countries, the speed limits will differ to the ones marked on the roads if you are towing a trailer or a caravan. For safety reasons, vehicles which have items in tow are not allowed to travel as fast as other vehicles on the roads.

This may seem to be a fairly obvious standard practice, but it is not always clear exactly what the rules are. To make it easier for drivers travelling with trailers and caravans in tow on the continent, we have compiled a list of the maximum speed which you can travel on a motorway if you are towing in Europe. The speed limits will differ on other types of roads.

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Learn the difference between the 7 and 13 pin connector

What is the Difference Between 7 and 13 Pin Connectors?

15 June 2015, 13:26

Trailer connectors are used to link the electrical systems of the vehicle to those of the trailer or caravan. This is how the trailer or caravan can display the corresponding lights if you use the indicators, turn on the tail lights, use the brakes or fog lights. This is extremely important for the safety of your driving whilst towing.

If those behind you cannot see the signals you are giving them, this could, in extreme circumstances, lead to serious accidents. It is therefore important to make sure that you have the right fittings and connectors before you set off on a journey with a trailer or a caravan in tow.

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