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Learn more about what an OBD Diagnostic tool is

What is an OBD Diagnostic Tool?

22 September 2015, 13:07

If you have any interest in repairing vehicles, then there is a pretty good chance that you have come across references to OBD diagnostic tools at some point.

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics and it is all connected to the on-board computer systems that have played an integral role in pretty much every single vehicle that has been manufactured since 1996.

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Learn what a camshaft is

The Camshaft - Rotation and Action

27 July 2015, 13:52

The camshaft, located beneath the engine, is another critical part of any car and fitted in a variety of conformations, each one operating with slight differences. In addition to the standard design, there is the overhead camshaft and the dual overhead version.

The camshaft rotates in conjunction with the crankshaft of a car. It performs a service that involves the mixture of air and fuel entering cylinders and the gases emitted from them, in an action repeated many thousands of times.

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Learn what the head gasket does

The Purpose of the Head Gasket

27 July 2015, 13:46

Modern vehicles are commonly manufactured with an engine block and a cylinder head bolted on top, which makes a head gasket a critical seal. This important component is situated between the engine block and cylinder head. It is a machined casting for an internal combustion engine, designed with cylindrical bored holes for hosting the pistons. A head gasket performs the task of a seal between the engine block and cylinder head.

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What is the car radiator?

This is a Car Radiator

20 July 2015, 11:04

The function of a radiator may best be described as a heat transference system, whereby the heat from hot coolant flowing through, is dispersed by the fan. The majority of radiators in modern vehicles are manufactured from aluminium. An engine coolant flows from the inlet source to the outlet by way of thin tubes mounted in a parallel arrangement, from which heat is transferred into the air flowing through the radiator.

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How Do Snow Chains Work?

22 June 2015, 11:04

Snow chains work simply by increasing the amount of grip that tyres have on the roads when they are icy or covered in snow. Increasing the traction between the car and the road makes driving in adverse wintery conditions much safer as it reduces the chance of cars losing control and skidding on icy surfaces.

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Learn about speed limits when driving with a caravan

When Can You Drive at 60mph with Your Caravan?

15 June 2015, 13:15

In most European countries, the speed limits will differ to the ones marked on the roads if you are towing a trailer or a caravan. For safety reasons, vehicles which have items in tow are not allowed to travel as fast as other vehicles on the roads.

This may seem to be a fairly obvious standard practice, but it is not always clear exactly what the rules are. To make it easier for drivers travelling with trailers and caravans in tow on the continent, we have compiled a list of the maximum speed which you can travel on a motorway if you are towing in Europe. The speed limits will differ on other types of roads.

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