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Cookies and similar technologies are used on the site and its applications, notification systems and tools (the "Service").

A cookie is a small file which is stored on your device (e.g. computer), and which may contain various information about your device as well as your use of the site. We and our business partners (e.g. advertisers, media agencies and advert networks) use cookies to provide the best possible experience on the Service for users, including targeted information for you and to enable the Service to remember your username and enhance your experience of our site, as well as for statistics, measuring our service and for marketing purposes.

You can disable or remove cookies by using tools that are available in most browsers. The various browsers offer different options for disabling the possibility of storing cookies. However, if you dismiss cookies and similar technologies you will not be able to use certain features, services, applications and tools on our webpages. You will also be asked to enter your password more frequently when visiting our sites. To get more information on blocking, deleting or disabling these technologies, please refer to the Help section on your browser, application or device.

In general, these technologies make our Service able to store relevant information in your browser or device and to use the information later on.

For more information about cookies, visit https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/dealing-with-customers/data-protection/online-privacy/index_en.htm

Cookie permission
You may at your own discretion give permission or deactivate the use of cookies on our site. If you do not wish to allow cookies or if you would like to remove and stop them, please see the how to manage cookies section below.

How to manage Cookies on your computer or device
Cookies can be disabled or removed using tools that are available on most browsers. Different browsers offer different options to disable the ability to store cookies. To find out more about cookies and what they do, visit https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/dealing-with-customers/data-protection/online-privacy/index_en.htm

You can also administer your permissions to cookies and similar technologies under "Cookie settings" in the bottom of the site.

How do Autobutler use Cookies:

Site Functionality (necessary) Cookies
To enable our site to work correctly there are some key cookies that must be used. These cookies increase security, dynamically change options according to user selections, provide live chat, show interactive maps and more.

Site Functionality Cookies
Functional cookies make it possible to save information that changes the way the website appears or acts. For instance your preferred language or region.

Statistical Cookies
Our statistical cookies help us assess our site’s performance by monitoring which pages are visited, how users interact with these pages and where our users came from. Our analytical cookies do not collect personal data such as name, email address or phone number.

Marketing Cookies
We utilize cookies to collect data on our users' site interactions. This data is used to ensure that our adverts are as relevant as possible, i.e. to target our own and our partners' advertising based on your preferences and your use of the site.

Processing of personal data in connection with use of cookies

Some of the cookies that we or our partners use include processing of your personal data, such as information about your IP address or the like. You can read more about out processing of your personal data under "GDPR" in the bottom of the site.

If you have any questions about our use of cookies and similar technologies, please contact on via email at [email protected].

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