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How does it work?

What can do for me?
We are an independent online workshop portal that car owners can use to get offers for repair and maintenance jobs, quick and easy. Through you can compare prices and book your appointment with UK’s best mechanics. helps to make your life easier and cheaper
We can find the best prices for all jobs that need to be done on your car. We will remind you on your next MOT and service appointments and we keep you updated with important and interesting news about cars. Our service is completely free and you only pay the price for the offer you book.

Step by Step

Step 1 – Create enquiry

Create an enquiry on and enter the information about your car as well as the repair or maintanance job that your car needs. In addition you can choose a specific area where we should search for garages or a certain time period when the job should be carried out. Furthermore, you can add if you want an offer from a particular workshop.

Step 2 – Receive offers
After you sent your enquiry, the garages prepare their individual and binding offers. You will receive offers from up to 3 garages and we will keep you updated whenever you get one. It will take about 48 hours to collect the offers.

Step 3 – Choose an offer
When you received the offers, you can check them by reference to the available time slots, price, location, spare parts they use, outward appearance of the garage, quality seals or the valuations of other car owners. Decide what is important for you and choose the best offer.

Step 4 – Make an appointment
After you accepted one of the offers, we will connect you to the garage and you can book your appointment via phone or email.

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