Prices and pricematch

How Autobutler ensures that you can save money

The applied price and savings statements in our marketing

The stated prices and savings are based on quotes from workshops registered with Autobutler and their own individual prices.

Prices and savings may vary depending on car manufacture, model, year, workshop availability and when and where in the country the task is to be carried out.

To see the lowest possible price and the biggest possible current savings, "The whole country" must be selected in the offer overview when a job is created.

is the cheapest available current price, for the same type of job from workshops throughout the country.

is calculated as the saving obtained between the cheapest and most expensive quotes on the same job type where at least 15% have obtained the promoted SAVE UP TO saving within the radius from which the quote is collected.

are calculated as an overall average of prices and savings obtained on quotes on the same job type within the radius from which quotations are obtained.

"FROM PRICES" are updated every half hour and are stated in GBP. Other price and saving statements which are stated in GBP or percentage are updated once a quarter (1 Jan., 1 Apr., 1 Jul., and 1 Oct.) based on 12 months of data from jobs that have received at least four quotes. Prices include VAT and other possible charges.**

The actual prices, savings, and availability of workshops may have changed since you last visited or received marketing from us via e.g., email, online or offline campaigns etc. Therefore, always create a job at to see the current available prices and savings.

**Reservations are made for errors and omissions in the content of the offer, prices and descriptions as well as for sold-out spare parts.

Why do you save money by comparing quotes on

1. The open competition between the workshops
The registered workshops on are in open competition to win you as a customer. The individual workshops cannot see prices or quotes from competing workshops, but they are aware that you can easily compare online offers from different workshops via

2. Geographical differences
There are different expenses for e.g. rent, but also wage differences between cities, areas and regions in the UK. You can take advantage of this when searching across cities and areas. The wider the geographical area you search in, the greater your opportunities for savings.

3. Workshops have chosen to reduce their price
You can find workshops that have just started, lack customers or who wants extra revenue and therefore offers a discount on their services.

Autobutler ensures that the offer descriptions from the workshops are fully comparable, based on indicative repair times, and correct spare parts. The workshops themselves indicate their individual hourly prices (as well as any discount on this) and their potential discount on spare parts (if any). The workshop also informs whether the workshop offers a loan car and a price per day for lending it out.


Autobutler provides online quotes for service and car repairs from independent workshops that are registered and approved to bid on tasks via

Our mission is to ensure car owners low prices, transparency, high quality and service when the car needs to be repaired. You get written offers from Autobutler-approved workshops and can see your savings when you compare offers on

The workshops themselves define their own price for their individual services. They are aware that their prices and offers are in open competition with other workshops on - which gives the workshops an incentive to keep prices low.

We offer you the additional safety with the Autobutler price match. If you can present a valid, written offer that is cheaper than the cheapest offer received from, we will match the price via a workshop on Price match applies throughout the country.

Using Price Match:
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support.
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What factors control the price of your quotes?

Time consumption
The car manufacturers have defined indicative guidelines for the amount of time the workshop must use for a given repair on the individual car brands, models and years. To the extent that guidelines are available, these will be the basis for the calculation of offers in terms of time consumption (and spare parts included). However, unfortunately there are offers that cannot be calculated based on the car manufacturers' instructions - where workshops can therefore have different time consumption on the task.

Hourly price
The hourly price at the workshops can have a great impact on the savings you can achieve, since the hourly price often make up a considerable proportion of the total workshop bill, depending on what kind of work in which you ask for a quote. It is the workshops themselves that state their own individual hourly prices + their potential discount on this. You may therefore experience significant differences in the price, especially if the task requires a large amount of hours.

Discount on spare parts
Autobutler workshops are obliged to use, as a minimum, spare parts in OEM-approved quality. These are spare parts that correspond in quality, fit, durability and material strength to the original spare parts and with at least the same guarantees. The workshops have different purchase prices from the suppliers of spare parts and can therefore give an extra discount on spare parts via Even if the same spare parts are included in offers from different workshops, you will find that the price of these is different at the different workshops.

Special offers and promotions
In addition to the workshops' hourly prices, spare parts prices and individual discounts, the workshops at Autobutler can have special offers or campaigns for a shorter period, which make your total price lower - just as there can be composite product packages where the workshops have set a total price for the task in advance.

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