Take good care of your car and give it a polish

How to Polish Your Car

30 November 2015, 14:22

Polishing the exterior of your vehicle helps to extend the life of the paintwork by removing contaminants and defects, and preparing the bodywork for the application of a wax layer.

Your car’s paintwork is constantly in contact with contaminants ranging from dust and grit from the road to insect debris and bird droppings. If left unwashed, these contaminants can begin to corrode your car’s paintwork.

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Here is how you wash your car

How to Wash Your Car

30 November 2015, 14:08

Washing your car regularly can be extremely useful in helping to extend the wellbeing of your car’s bodywork.

Most cars undergo a daily barrage of contaminants such as salt and grit from the road, brake dust and bird droppings. By cleaning your car regularly and removing these contaminants before they attack the paint work on your car, you will help extend the life of your car’s exterior.

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How to use “My garage”

28 August 2015, 15:22

Taking care of your car properly includes the basic and mandatory garage visits like MOT, servicing or tyre changes as well as the small fixes of e.g. window cracks or brake issues before they become a serious problem. Maintaining a car unfortunately takes more effort and is more costly than many people think. We have developed a useful tool called “My garage” to support you in all areas around maintaining your car, so that taking care of your car is as cheap and simple as possible. Below you can learn how to use “My garage” on Autobutler and make the most out of your car maintenance.

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Learn where and how you get a tow bar cheap

How To Get a Cheap Tow Bar

29 July 2015, 09:28

For many drivers, the addition of a tow bar to their vehicle is a useful accessory. There are three main types of tow bars on the market - the self-aligning vehicle mount, the self-aligning receiver mount and the rigid a-frame mount. Each type of tow bar is suitable for different uses so it's important to ensure that you have had a proper think about what you plan to use the tow bar for and to make sure you purchase one that is suitable for your needs.

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Learn how to replace your car's fuse box

How to Replace Your Vehicle's Fuse Box

29 July 2015, 08:55

The sole purpose of the fuse box in your car or van is to protect every electrical circuit in the vehicle. There are a number of circuits in your vehicle including the main computer, the engine, the transmission as well as components such as the lights and windscreen wipers. On occasion, a relay or fuse can blow, which in itself is a quick fix, but if replacing the relay or the fuse does not rectify the issue then the problem may be the fuse box itself.

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Learn how to repair a broken head gasket

How to Repair a Leaky Head Gasket

13 July 2015, 14:18

When first investigating signs of a leaking head gasket, the cap of a coolant reservoir or radiator, should not be opened on a hot engine! The next step is checking the oil dipstick and if it’s showing a higher level than normal, the cause could be coolant leaking into the crankcase, by way of the cylinder. This can be confirmed if the oil dipstick displays a milky, yellow, or brown looking substance.

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Make sure your tyres are still in good condition

How to Tell if a Winter Tyre is OK

09 June 2015, 12:40

In many respects, the process of checking that your winter tyres are still in good condition does not differ too much from checking your summer or all season tyres. The difference lies in the fact that since you may only use these tyres for a few months a year, they could last a very long time before they need replacing.

You should check your winter tyres thoroughly every year before you put them back on your car for winter, to check that they will still do their job well. If they are not in good condition then there will be very little benefit in changing them over at all.

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An exhaust on a car

How to Diagnose Problems with Your Exhaust

02 June 2015, 10:31

Exhausts are tricky things and can often cost a lot of money to replace. But, as a general rule, fixing a problem with your exhaust when it first appears is much less expensive than waiting for the broken exhaust to cause further problems elsewhere in the engine.

The exhaust is a vital part of the car’s internal workings. It doesn’t just dampen the noise of your engine, it also makes sure that the fumes generated from burning petrol are kept well away from the passenger cabin. More so, it ensures the smooth running of the engine, maintains maximum fuel efficiency and reduces the quantity of harmful emissions generated by the vehicle. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the exhaust is in full working o...

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