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We pride ourselves in having the latest Snap-On diagnostic equipment to plug in and diagnose your vehicle’s electronic control system and identify any issues.


You may think that you have to return to your dealership to find out any faults your vehicle’s system may have, but this is not the case. We can diagnose these faults for you and in most cases carry out any necessary repairs. We can even do any reprogramming that is required.

The majority of modern day vehicles can produce a wide variety of fault codes that get stored inside your vehicles electronic memory system, sort of like a black box.

Some vehicles have several units, not only dealing with the engine management, but also brakes, suspension and body components.


In some cases the warning light may come on because a sporadic fault has occurred and may not affect the running of your vehicle, although this is not a reason to ignore it. The memory system will scan the vehicles components for set parameters, if it finds a discrepancy then it illuminates the symbol. This light is your first warning sign for any problems with the vehicle, if it always on then you won’t receive that early warning and may only realise there is a problem when it is too late.

Having the most up to date diagnostic equipment, combined with technical training, is essential for identifying the fault on your vehicle, preventing future component failures and the costs incurred.

Diagnostics from £30

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