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about 2 months ago
Mercedes-Benz SL 2002
When assembling the panels after painting work, one element was installed incorrectly. Which as a result of opening the roof completely destroyed this element. I contacted Carl, I told him what happened , I sent photos. He replied that he would take care of it. Two weeks pass and no answer. I was in a Mercedes parts store and the cost of this plastic panel was £ 120. As for the work I wanted them to do for me, was to remove the rust from the rear wheel arches. At the moment I am generally satisfied, but with this type of work the results can only be seen in some time, whether it has been done well. On-site valuation changed 30% upwards, pick-up time remained the same. The day before picking up the car, I called to check if everything is ok. The car was not ready, I picked it up a week after the deadline. Judge for yourself, Carl seems to be a nice guy, I can ignore the fact that the cost of work changed than the agreed price, I can also ignore the weekly delay, but unfortunately I cannot ignore the damage of this panel as a result of poor assembly.
3 months ago
Derrick B.
Ford Focus 2015
6 months ago
Scott G.
Renault Clio 2006
Very poor communication - the only update I received I had to call to get. Unclear what was actually wrong with my car. Price increased £20 between being told how much it was and payment. Told on collection and after payment that there was still issues with it and to ‘keep an eye on them’ (?). Engine light came back on within days (the original reason I took it in).
6 months ago
Mandy T.
Volvo XC40 2020
Don't be fooled by external appearances, the workmanship is excellent. I couldn't be happier.
7 months ago
Janet E.
Ford Escort 1994
Works not completed as yet therefore can not give a full comment. So far very polite good communication Of what needs to be done.
7 months ago
Citroën C-Crosser 2007
I did have trouble finding the garage. Work was completed to a high standard, delivered on time, and done to price. Very pleased - would recommend and will be using again.
8 months ago
Vauxhall Astra 2007
8 months ago
Andrea C.
Citroën C3 2018
Carlos was amazing and clear person, was amazing and fast experience
9 months ago
Harkamal S.
Volkswagen Polo 2015
9 months ago
Vauxhall Zafira 2004
Excellent! Carl was great! Workmanship, timely delivery the hallmark. Highly recommended.