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Price on air conditioning service to Škoda

21 June 2019, 14:15

If your Škoda needs to have its air conditioning or climate system serviced, it is a good idea to have the job done at an authorized workshop. All systems lose their refrigerant over time, so we recommend a regular inspection of the air conditioning system.

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Your Škoda Aircondition (AC System) loses refrigerant over time. If refrigerant levels are too low, you run the risk of the Aircon system wearing out or breaking. Book your next Aircondition Service through Autobutler.

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Škoda’s different cooling systems

As a Škoda car owner, it is pleasant that you can quickly adjust the temperature in the car's cabin.

In a Škoda there are two different cooling systems.

Climatic is a manually controlled cooling system that is activated by pressing the "AC" button. In short, the system seems a bit like a refrigerator, where the air is cooled down to the desired temperature before it is sent into the cabin via the air nozzles. A heat sensor constantly regulates the temperature of the air flow to achieve the desired temperature.

Climatronic is Škoda's fully automatic cooling system, which automatically controls the air flow and temperature in the cabin, so that the temperature always corresponds to the set level. In some Škoda models, this system is available as a 2-zone system where the temperature can be set individually on the right and left sides of the car's cabin.

All climate and air conditioning systems lose the ability to cool the car over time. Most often, this is a sign that the system lacks refrigerant and must be serviced.

If you find that it is about time to have your air conditioning system checked and possibly serviced, then you should expect the service to include the following on your Škoda:

  • Cleaning of air ducts.
  • Evaporation of bacteria.
  • The unit is emptied of refrigerant and new liquid is being filled.
  • The oil is changed on the compressor.
  • The pollen filter is changed and the condenser is checked.
  • According to Škoda, such a climate service should be carried out at least every two years.

Air conditioning system - when bacteria occur in the system

Your air conditioning system ensures that you have a comfortable car temperature throughout the year.

The cooling function means that all the pipes are cold after the system has been used. When you stop the car and the system turns off, especially in the summer, the air will condense inside the pipes. The water condensation should preferably automatically come out of the system, but on many cars, there will be small pockets (basins) from which the water does not disappear by itself.

Instead, bacteria and microorganisms may occur in the system, which ultimately give a musty and unpleasant odor in the car's cabin.

Read below how to solve the problem of bad smell from your air conditioning system.

You can clean the air conditioning system yourself

Many car owners experience regular smells from the car's air conditioning system.

To get rid of the problem, it requires a thorough cleaning of your A/C system. If you choose to clean the system yourself, there are two ways to do that.

  • Either a cleaning detergent is sprayed directly into the car's ventilation system. And while the engine is idling and air is blown into the cabin, all ventilation ducts and hoses/pipes are cleaned.
  • As an alternative, you can obtain a spray grenade which is placed on the floor of the cabin. A cleaning detergent is then sprayed into the cabin, which cleans the entire system in 15-30 minutes.

So it is possible to clean the air conditioning system yourself. But if you don't want to embark on the above-mentioned do-it-yourself work and want to ensure a professional treatment, use Autobutler to get quotes for servicing your Škoda’s air conditioning system.

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