Save on avg. £95 on manufacturer service and full service

Cars don’t have to be serviced at a main dealer to ensure their warranty remains valid.

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  • Save on avg. £95 on manufacturer service and full service
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Reasons to book your manufacturer service or full service through

  • Save on average 30%, which approx. equates to £95
  • helps you compare quotes on manufacturer service and full service
  • Book easily online - Our support teams is here to help
  • Free mechanic advice at
  • Know the price before booking and avoid expensive surprises
  • All quotes are in writing
  • Autobutler's price guarantee - If you find it cheaper, we will match the price

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Compare quotes on: Manufacturer service and full service - Save on avg. £95

Prices on car servicing

On, we believe in transparency and fair prices. Below you can see the average prices for different car brands and how much you can save on comparing offers.

Make Avg. price Min - max
Audi £ 135 £ 105 - £ 179 Get quotes
Fiat £ 129 £ 99 - £ 192 Get quotes
Ford £ 138 £ 105 - £ 180 Get quotes
Honda £ 136 £ 104 - £ 174 Get quotes
Nissan £ 124 £ 101 - £ 168 Get quotes
Peugeot £ 122 £ 97 - £ 164 Get quotes
Renault £ 125 £ 102 - £ 152 Get quotes
Vauxhall £ 128 £ 101 - £ 168 Get quotes
Volkswagen £ 125 £ 97 - £ 167 Get quotes
Volvo £ 156 £ 121 - £ 213 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

Ratings of car service

They replaced the top mountings in front suspension system. Problem fixed. No noise. Everithing o...
Konstantinos T.
Hyundai i10 (2008)
The manager and staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, he even advised me about other problems
Hussein M.
Vauxhall Corsa (2012)
Replaced my clutch at a amazing price , their quote beat any other garage. Fast service , friendl...
Ford Focus (2002)

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Compare quotes on: Manufacturer service and full service - Save on avg. £95

Why book a car service through

When booking a service inspection through you not only save 20-40%, you also get your car serviced by a qualified mechanic adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines; who will follow the service handbook and provide a stamp.

All garages on are rated by our customers to make sure the service carried out is of high quality and price competitive.

A stamp in your service handbook is proof that the necessary work has been made on your car, ensuring it lasts longer, drives more safely and gives you an overall better driving experience.

It also maintains the warranty on your car which helps when you come to sell the car in the future.

What is a car service?

There are different types of services, depending how far the car has travelled, and how old it is. The various inspections depend on the service manual. Here is a list of the most common service elements:

How often should your car be serviced?

It is usually standard for a car service to be carried out at certain mileage intervals, depending on the age of the car. However, if you do not drive that many miles a year, the intervals will be more time dependent rather than mileage dependent. Typically you will need a service at least once a year, if you are not driving enough to hit the mileage intervals. To help maintain your car, many modern cars now show a spanner or similar symbol on the dashboard to notify you when a service is due.

You can always contact our support at 0203 630 1415, if you suspect there is something wrong with your car.

What about a replacement vehicle?

We realise that being without your car is difficult. Therefore, there’s a place on our form, where you can choose to have a courtesy car included in the offer. That way you can keep mobile, while your car is in for its service.

Some garages offer this as part of their service, for others, it costs extra, but this will always be made clear on the offer.

Car servicing and warranty

Most cars today have a 3-year warranty on standard parts, and a 7-year corrosion warranty. This can vary considerably, and some car manufacturers choose to offer an extended warranty when you buy a new car.

If your car is still under warranty, it is important that a garage adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines as per the car’s service manual to maintain its warranty. Servicing specifics and time intervals may vary between makes and models.

By using a quality garage, you ensure that everything is examined properly with the right testing equipment, that you get quality spare parts and that approved fluids are used for topping up. We carry out ongoing quality checks throughout our garages, and they must all continuously meet pre set guidelines, maintain high ratings by car owners, and are VOSA approved for MOT testing.

After the warranty expires, it’s still important to comply with service intervals. Not only does it prevent unexpected problems and expensive repairs, but it also ensures that your car holds its value better.

The warranty remains valid, even if you do not choose an authorised dealer, as long as you can prove that the service intervals and requirements have been met by keeping hold of an up-to-date service log book. This will also be proven by the stamps in your car's service manual that you should make sure to get at every service inspection.

With, it's always possible to book a full car servicing and retain the warranty by getting the stamp, and still save money on the garage bill. It also helps keeping your car’s value up and the risk of breaking down at a low.

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Compare quotes on: Manufacturer service and full service - Save on avg. £95

Book your car service online

Servicing car

Book a service with a garage through to ensure quality work at a great price.

Servicing your car is essential in extending the life of your car and ensuring it runs at it's optimum condition all year round. Regular servicing also prevents your car from suddenly breaking down due to wear and tear.

When creating a service quote at you get quotes, allowing you to choose the quote that best matches your needs, whether it be due to price, the garage’s reviews or location. You can choose to have your car serviced from the most trusted mechanic, at the price you prefer, or combine the two based on the information you have – the choice is completely yours.

It's also important to stress that if you want to keep your car's warranty, you need to book a service inspection with regular intervals, adhering to your car's service manual guidelines. Getting the stamp in your service book retains the warranty on your car and maintains its value over time. It also makes sure your car remains safe to drive.

When booking through, you make sure that the mechanic follows the manual guidelines so you get the stamp in the service manual. So with us, it's possible to save money on car servicing and get the service manual stamp at the same time.

Rate the garage

Once you have had the service, you can rate the garage and help give others insight as to what they can expect from the garage.

You will be contacted automatically and all you have to do is click on the link in the email, or contact us to get an update on your quote (0203 630 1415), our team is always happy to help.

3 tips before leaving your car at the garage

  • Agree on a time for completion
  • Ensure the garage calls you for any extra work that needs doing
  • Check whether consumables (fluids, oil, rags, etc.) are included in the quote

Extend the life and ensure the safety of your Ford, Vauxhall or Volkswagen with regular car servicing. Ensuring your vehicle is checked and maintained at least every 12 months will improve its safety and comfort. Regular car servicing enables all accessories such as air conditioning and sensors to be checked and guarantees the safety of brakes, steering and suspension, and the engine. Any problems that affect your vehicle’s safety or comfort are likely to be spotted and addressed with regular car servicing. Check prices for getting a Peugeot, Renault, Kia, Nissan or BMW serviced today.

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