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Servicing is helpful in extending the life of your vehicle. It also prevents your car from suddenly breaking down due to wear and tear. At Autobutler you get 3 free quotes, allowing you to choose the quote that best matches your criteria, whether it be due to price or the garage’s reviews or location. You can choose to receive a service from the most trusted mechanic, at the price you prefer, or combine the two based on the information you have – the choice is yours.

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Servicing and warranty

Most cars today have a 3-year warranty on standard parts, and a 7-year corrosion warranty. This can vary considerably, and some car manufacturers choose to offer an extended warranty when you buy a new car.

If your car is still under warranty, it is important that a garage adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines as per the car’s service manual in order to maintain its warranty. Service specifics and time intervals may vary from model to model. By using a quality garage, you ensure that everything is examined properly with the right testing equipment, that you get quality spare parts and that approved fluids are used for topping up. We have ongoing quality checks on our garages, and they must all be able to live up to ongoing evaluation and rating by car owners, and VOSA approved for MOT testing.

After the warranty expires, it’s still important to comply with service intervals. Not only does it prevent unexpected downtime and expensive repairs, but it also ensures that your car keeps its value better.
The warranty remains valid, even if you do not choose an authorised dealer, as long as you can prove that the service intervals and requirements have been met by keeping hold of an up to date service log book.

What does servicing cover?

There are different types of services, depending how far the car has travelled, and how old it is. The various inspections depend on the service manual. Here is a list of the most common service elements:

Ratings of car service

Was easy to locate. The job was swift and well done.
Swithin N.
BMW X3 (2012)
They’ve replaced my breaks(disks and pads) and the front tires, at a reasonable price. I’ll use t...
R S.
Kia Ceed (2009)
Very helpful ,lots of information beforehand,completed in time.excellent service at a good price.
John B.
Vauxhall Corsa (2002)

How often should your car go in for a service?

Depending on the age of the vehicle, your car is serviced at certain mileage intervals. If you do not drive that many miles, the intervals will be more time dependent rather than mileage dependent. Typically there will be the need for a service at least once a year, if you are not driving enough to hit the mileage intervals.

You can always contact our support at 0800 048 8195, if you suspect there is something wrong with your car, and they can help you.

What about a replacement vehicle?

We realise that being without your car is difficult. Therefore, there’s a place on our form, where you can choose to have a courtesy car included in the offer. That way you can keep mobile, while your car is in for its service.

Some garages offer this as part of their service, for others, it costs extra, but this will always be made clear on the offer.

Rate the garage

Once you have had the service, you can rate the garage and help give others insight as to what they can expect from this establishment.

You will be contacted automatically and all you have to do is click on the link in the email, or contact us to get an update on your quote (0800 048 8195), our team is always happy to help.

3 tips before leaving your car at the garage

  • Agree on a time for completion
  • Ensure the garage calls you for any extra work that needs doing
  • Check whether consumables (fluids, oil, rags, etc.) are included in the quote

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