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Clutch repair and replacements

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Replace or repair your clutch


If you begin to feel the clutch making some small jerks, just like knots on a string, it can be a sign that the clutch is defective

When should you replace the clutch?

Normally the clutch smoothly releases in both directions. It may feel harder to press down, or does not release as easily as normal. When you depress the clutch and shift gears there will be some sounds like cogs are running against each other, a sort of grinding noise. This indicates it is time to get the clutch looked over by a professional.

Price on clutch repair

On Autobutler, we believe in transparency and fair prices. Below you can see the average prices for different car brands and how much you can save on comparing offers.

Make Average price
Alfa Romeo £ 473
Save 30%
Audi £ 490
Save 25%
Chevrolet £ 441
Save 35%
Citroën £ 422
Save 26%
Fiat £ 416
Save 25%
Ford £ 458
Save 25%
Honda £ 484
Save 11%
Hyundai £ 389
Save 22%
Kia £ 400
Save 16%
Land Rover £ 507
Save 25%
Mazda £ 427
Save 30%
Mercedes-Benz £ 513
Save 17%
Nissan £ 427
Save 22%
Peugeot £ 457
Save 31%
Renault £ 450
Save 34%
Seat £ 446
Save 21%
Skoda £ 465
Save 31%
Smart £ 446
Save 7%
Suzuki £ 413
Save 29%
Toyota £ 461
Save 25%
Vauxhall £ 475
Save 20%
Volkswagen £ 474
Save 23%
Volvo £ 520
Save 29%

The prices are based on all quotes sent via Autobutler, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

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Can I see that the clutch is worn?

The majority of the clutch is hidden from view, so you can only really feel if there is something wrong when driving, a mechanic will be able to tell quite quickly if there is a problem, so it’ always worth getting it checked if you feel that something is wrong.

How does a clutch work?

The clutch is a device for disconnecting and connecting rotating shafts. In a manual gearbox, the driver pushes down the clutch when changing gear to disconnect the engine from the gearbox.

There are several parts in the clutch, that can become worn or jump, the discs can be worn, as well as a spring system either breaks or becomes slack. All these parts can be replaced independently of each other. However when changing the flywheel the entire clutch needs to be changed. This can be an expensive job.

Can you find the bite point?

Many drivers aren’t quite sure where the bite point is. If It gives a little jump when you start, That means you will have to press the accelerator more.. In some situations it is necessary that you know the bite point exactly, or use the handbrake to help. If you stop on a hill, you will need to be able to find the bite point accurately, to ensure you don’t stall.

This is what you do:

  • When at a standstill, put on the handbrake
  • Press down the clutch, and put the car in first gear
  • Release the brake and place your foot on the accelerator
  • When starting to drive, you gently press the accelerator, and slowly let’s go of the clutch
  • When you can feel the engine power, you softly release the handbrake
  • The trick is to release the clutch and handbrake at the same time and so softly that the car moves forward without having to over accelerate
  • If the car shuts off, put on the handbrake so the car doesn’t roll backwards

Ratings of clutch repairs or replacements

Top service,got me in for complete new clutch within 48 hours, very pleased
Vauxhall Zafira (2010)
Very helpful and located problem
Kate F.
Toyota Yaris (2007)
Quick fixed my car.
Ford Grand C-Max (2010)

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