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Right now from £50*
4.7 (37)
Cars from 1970-2017 (refrigerant R134A)

Get an air con service and optimal cooling. Right now from only £50*. The system is checked for leaks and your refrigerant will be refilled. Get instant quotes and see your price!

Right now from £35*
4.3 (7)
Cars from 1970-2017 (refrigerant R134A)

Air con serivce incl. cleaning of the system and cabin. The system is tested, checked and filled up with up to 200g refrigerant: Avoid a bad smell and get optimal cooling. Compare quotes and save up to 30%* today!

Right now from £80*
Cars from 2018 or newer (refrigerant R1234YF)

Air con service for cars produced after 2018 with up to 200g refrigerant. Complet test and control for optimal cooling and cleaning of the system and cabin. Avoid bad smells! Get quotes and save up to 30%*

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Prices on air conditioning repairs

The average prices and savings for the car brands shown are based on different models and years. You must therefore create a job and compare quotes to see your actual price and savings.
Make Compare and save* You save on average* Ratings
Audi £39 29%
3.8 (9)
BMW £42 35%
3.7 (3)
Citroën £52 29%
5.0 (6)
Ford £51 28%
4.8 (13)
Mercedes-Benz £59 26%
5.0 (1)
Nissan £35 34%
5.0 (3)
Renault £34 35%
4.5 (2)
Seat £27 27%
4.5 (2)
Vauxhall £51 33%
4.7 (10)
Volkswagen £67 42%
4.7 (12)

Ratings of airconditioning service and repairs

Junction 59 Classics Ltd
2 months
The. Service I received was very friendly and professional. The price was reasonable and everythi...
Michelle Q.
Ford Fiesta (2018)
RSH Performance LTD
3 months
Richard was very helpful, the service was quick and friendly. I am definitely using this garage a...
Helena H.
Ford Focus (2011)
D&G Auto Car Repair
3 months
Service and quality of work, would definitely recommend😊👍
Clare S.
Ford EcoSport (2019)

Air con service
From only: £50*

Air con service + cleaning
From only: £35*

Servicing or repairing your car's airconditioning


When you feel that your airconditioning is no longer efficiently cooling down your car, then it's time to get an aircon service.

When the aircon stops working, it's most often than not due to the refrigerant needing to be topped up, rather than an actual repair.
Topping up your refrigerant is much cheaper than a repair, and is commonly known as a regassing, recharging or refilling.

All airconditioners lose refrigerant, which means that the cooling capacity is reduced over time. On average the airconditioning system loses around 10% in refrigerant per year, so ideally there should be no more than two years between servicing your aircon system.

Checking the refrigerant is not always included in a standard or full car service, so it will most probably be up to you to make sure it’s checked or booked into a seperate air conditioning service.

Recharging or refilling your aircon

When you ask for a servicing on your car's airconditioning, the garage will recharge or refill the refrigerant.

The garage will completely remove all traces of the old refrigerant from the system and pipes, and refill the system with fresh refrigerant. The whole process takes around 45 minutes, so it can be done while you nip to the shops or even while you wait.

The changing and refilling is carried out with specialist tools, that use high pressure and low pressure ports to ensure the full system is flushed clean before new refrigerant is added. Due to the toxicity of refrigerant, it is highly recommended that you use a quality garage to ensure that the refrigerant is disposed of properly.

The refrigerant fluid is priced per gram and can be quite expensive due to the environmental taxes. So remember to always check whether refrigerant is included when you search for an aircon offer, or whether it is an additional cost. This can hugely influence which is the cheapest quote.

As part of the air con service, the mechanic will also top up the lubricant around the compressor. Due to the temperature changes within the aircon system, it is important to keep the parts well lubricated, so that it does not dry out or deteriorate between services.

It is also normal for the air filter to be changed occasionally, and for the dryer to be checked, which extracts moisture and dirt from the circulating refrigerant.

You can self-maintain between services

When you have air conditioning in your car, there are some signs that indicate you should have the system checked by a mechanic and some that point to self-maintainence.

The function of the air-conditioning system ensures that the air inside the car is cool through the summer months. However, when the car is turned off, the pipes get cold, and when the summer's hot air warms them up it creates condensation inside the pipes. This creates moisture that flows through the system and is often why you see water drip out of the exhaust pipe.

The water from the condensation usually drains away, however there is often some pockets left which do not disappear by itself. It's in these areas of accumulated water that bacteria and microorganisms can grow. These can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation, or just create a musty and unpleasant smell. By turning the heat to full power occasionally, it will help reduce pockets of condensation, but it is not enough to remove the bacteria.

If you experience any moisture and/or odour, try to use an air conditioning cleaner. Standard products usually instruct you to turn up the heat in the car, open the can of cleaning fluid, leave the can in the vehicle, and keep all doors closed, usually for about 15 minutes. The car should then be vented, and the air in your car should be fresh again. Always read the product directions, as time and procedure may vary from product to product.

If that's not enough, it must be serviced by a garage that handles air conditioning.

Find deals on service of airconditioning or climate control

Due to the 10% loss in refrigerant per year, it's recommended to have a service at least every 2 years. However, if you drive a lot, you should have the airconditioning checked every spring, before the warm weather starts.

If you leave too long in etween aircon servicing, you risk costly repairs to the aircon system. By waiting too long between services, you risk the compressor running out of lubricant causing a burn out due to the heat. Repairing this can cost well over £350.

Here at you can compare aircon quotes, to find the cheapest and most convenient deal!

"Always" drive with the airconditioning on

Saving fuel is always a hot topic of discussion when it comes to motoring. And of course, it's common sense that it will cost extra to have the airconditioning running continuously even during cooler months.

But keeping the air conditioning off all winter is not a good idea, stationary lubricant can cause the gasket to dry out and leak, which can lead to costly repairs. Running it periodically in the winter months will keep it moving and ensures that your car doesn't leak any air conditioning fluid.

You can also save money on your fuel consumption by servicing your aircon every year. Lower refrigerant levels makes it harder for the aircon system to cool down the air in your car, so by topping up every year, you make sure your system works to it's very best!

Air con service
From only: £50*

Air con service + cleaning
From only: £35*

Did you know?
  • When the windows mist up, it may be a sign that the air conditioner should be serviced. Keep an eye out for it on the windscreen above the blowers, shortly after starting your vehicle.
  • If there is a musty and/or damp smell when the air conditioning is running, it is also an indication that something is wrong.
  • If the unit does not cool, even if it's put on cold, there is obvious something is wrong.

Don’t wait until your air conditioning blows hot air on a warm day. Whether you own a Ford, Vauxhall or Peugeot, a regular air conditioning service will keep you cool or warm when you need it. From simple re-gassing to changing the cabin’s filter to eliminate musty odours, taking care of the air conditioning for all brands of cars, including Volkswagen, Renault, Kia, Nissan and BMW should be prioritised at least every two years. A garage can keep your car’s essential accessories working smoothly year round with a quick, regular servicing to keep you comfortable while driving.

Most popular services and repairs

Right now from £50*
4.7 (37)
Save on average 32%*

Get an air con service and optimal cooling. Right now from only £50*. The system is checked for leaks and your refrigerant will be refilled. Get instant quotes and see your price!

Save on avg. £94*
4.7 (113)
With a stamp

Get a complete service with a stamp in accordance with the manufacturer’s and dealer's specifications. You can save on avg. £94* by comparing quotes with Autobutler.

Right now from £70*
4.7 (3)
Save on average 46%*

Get a interim service and keep your car running smoothly. Right now from only £70*. Includes oil and oil filter replacement, re-filling of up to 4 litres of engine oil and a complete review of your car based on a 46 visual checkpoints.

Right now from £60*
4.4 (20)
Save on average 48%*

Order oil change online and save money! Right now from only £60*. Includes re-filling of up to 4 litres of engine oil and oil filter replacement. Get instant quotes and see your price.

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