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Use the right motor oil for your Škoda

07 August 2019, 12:30

The motor oil in your Škoda is one of the things you should always keep an eye on. This is important as the engine can be damaged while driving if you fail to add enough motor oil.

As a Škoda owner, it is important that you choose the right type of motor oil. Some garages recommend Castrol motor oil, but other well-known quality brands, like Mobil 1, can be used just fine. As long as you pick a semi-synthetic or fully synthetic motor oil with high performance and long life. Using a quality oil prolongs the lifespan of your engine.

If in doubt as to which oil to choose, check your local garage as they can inform you about the type of oil which best suits your car.

Save money on your next oil change

When the motor oil is changed, it helps keep the engine clean and protects it from sludge and other harmful accumulations. It is important that the engine does not have a low oil level, as this is unnecessarily hard on the engine. Therefore, it is a good idea to consistently check the motor oil level. Most manufacturers actually recommend that you do so once a week or every 2,000 kilometres.

Depending on the model and year, however, you should assume that the motor oil in your Škoda must be changed every 15,000-30,000 kilometres. You can find information on when your engine requires an oil change in your car's service book.
Usually, the motor oil will be changed when the vehicle is serviced, but you can have the oil changed between two service checks just as easily. In particular, this will be the relevant for older cars where the engine consumes the oil.

Below, we calculated a price of what it costs to change the motor oil of a Škoda.

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How to check the oil level

Although today, modern engines have limited oil consumption, the engine still burns small amounts of oil. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the oil level. We provide you with a short how-to guide here:

  1. Park the car on a smooth, flat surface.
  2. Check the oil level when the oil is hot after driving, but make sure that the engine has been turned off for at least 5 minutes, allowing the oil to ‘settle’.
  3. If you are unsure of where in the engine compartment to look for the dipstick, check the car’s manual. It will typically have a yellow top.
  4. Now, pull the dipstick and wipe it dry with a cloth or a piece of paper. Then push the dipstick back in place.
  5. Now, you can pull out the dipstick and check the oil level. On the dipstick, the minimum and maximum is marked. If the oil only just covers the minimum mark, you need to top up the motor oil. In this case, expect to add litre of motor oil.
  6. Unless you choose to replace all the motor oil, it is important that you use the same oil. This is because mixing two different types of motor oil will cause the motor oil’s properties to deteriorate.

4 tips for oil change

  • When you are going on a long motoring holiday, it is a good idea to remember to check the oil level. Usually, long drives will cause oil consumption to rise, so do not start your holidays with too little oil in the engine.
  • Do not mix two motor oils with different specifications. If you do, you risk the properties of the original oils deteriorating.
  • Do not spill oil on the engine block as this may, at worst, cause a later fire in the engine compartment.
  • When you change the motor oil at regular intervals, you can be sure that the engine's mechanical parts are properly lubricated. A freshly added motor oil also helps clean the engine and collect the dirt which will inevitably enter the system. An old, dirt-filled oil weakens the car's performance, while the engine will also be worn out faster.

How to change the motor oil yourself

If you want to change the motor oil in your Skoda yourself, below you get a 'step by step' overview of how to do it.

Start by acquiring the following things:

  • A container for collecting the used oil
  • A good funnel for adding the new oil
  • A hexagonal wrench or a socket wrench for when the drain plug needs to be loosened
  • A motor oil which is compatible with your Škoda
  • A pair of heavy work gloves

In advance, look into which type of oil is compatible with your car. You can usually find the information in the car’s service booklet or manual. If you buy motor oil online, today there are web shops where, by entering the vehicle registration number, you will automatically receive an oil with the right specifications.

Oil change: step by step
1. Start the engine and leave it idle for a few minutes.

1. Turn the engine off and place the collection container under the car.
1. Loosen the drain plug using the socket wrench or hexagonal wrench. Be careful, the oil is hot, use a pair of work gloves.
1. Screw the drain plug back in place once all the oil has been drained.
1. Pour in the new motor oil. Remember to use a funnel to avoid spilling oil onto the engine block.
1. Now, start the engine and leave it idling. Check to see that the oil does not leak from the bottom plug. It may be necessary to tighten the drain plug.
1. You may also want to change the oil filter.
1. Dispose of the used oil at the recycling depot.

If you do not possess the right tools, or if you do not feel like changing the motor oil on your Škoda yourself, request quotes from Autobutler, and have your motor oil changed at a garage of your choice.

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