Get your car ready for cold and wet weather

Get your Car ready for the Cold Season

24 September 2021, 08:00

As much as we enjoy the colorful leaves and mild autumn evenings, for car owners fall is mostly associated with wet and slippery roads and cold temperatures that can harm your car. We have put a list together that helps all car owners to prepare optimally for the cold season.

Protect your car from rust

With cold and humid weather coming, our cars need extra protection in order to get through the cold season without any rust damage. Especially the older cars. An underseal treatment prevents rust from developing and even confines already existing rust under your car.

Oil Change

When temperatures are sinking, the motor oil turns more viscous and doesn’t move as easily. This is particularly problematic if the motor oil is too old. Therefore if you schedule an oil change just before the beginning of a cold season, it will allow for the oil viscosity to remain at an optimal level.

Check the Battery

Old batteries can react sensitively to low temperatures. In order to avoid battery failure when the cold weather begins we recommend having your battery checked at the beginning of autumn.

Tyre Change

One of the obvious measures is the change from summer to winter tyres. We recommend you to book a garage appointment early to avoid the rush during the first snowfall.


Last but not least, remember to buy and fill up antifreeze before the first frost kicks in.

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