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What are the best accessories to keep in you car in cold weather?

Here are the best winter car accessories

03 January 2018, 11:39

The is an infinite amount of accessories available for your car, but what is particularly good to keep in the car this winter?
We asked our mechanics which accessories they picked out themselves, and what they recommend to other car owners. The following just might serve as inspiration for what could go be a cool winter gift for your car:

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Get your car ready for snow and winter

Ready your Car for the Winter!

Autobutler guides you and your car safely through the winter._ Winter is coming and it might be time to prepare your car for the changes in the weather. Autobutler provides you with an overview of what needs to be checked. Some of it you can check yourself and other things might require you to get an expert opinion. You might want to think about booking an appointment, if you want to avoid the winter rush.

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