Which OBD scanner should you get? We guide you

Top 5 OBD Scanners

21 September 2015, 14:20

A quick scan on the Internet will provide you with a number of potential contenders for the best OBD scanner on the market today.

However, even though it is nice to have options available, if you are about to purchase a tool to diagnose faults in your car, it also makes it that bit harder to decide which one you should buy.

Considering the potential cost, it makes sense to do your homework before jumping in there, so these following tips might prove to be rather useful.

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This particular scanner is actually an industry favourite and it is easy to understand why as soon as you get your hands on it.

This model ticks so many boxes as it is not only easy to use, but it also does the job it was intended for.

It is compatible with pretty much every make and model of vehicle built after 1996, so the chances of this scanner being declared useless are pretty slim indeed.

4. Innova 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Innova are an established name within this industry and, yet again, it is a scanner that is extremely easy to use even for a relative novice.

The best feature with this scanner is the way in which it resets itself every 30 seconds, which means you know the instant that the issue has been resolved.

It is also extremely easy to update the scanner via a USB port, so this is certainly one pretty cool purchase to make.

3. Innova 3030 Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader

This model by Innova is different from the 3040 in that it is just more involved in what it can do than most of the other scanners out there on the market.

This scanner is not for those people that are new to diagnostics, so only purchase this if you already have a firm understanding of what everything means.

2. Innova 3100

Yes, this is the third offering by this one company, but that just shows how trusted the name is within the industry.

This particular model comes with its very own battery backup, unlike most others, and even though it is complex in what it can do, you also get access to a comprehensive guide online.

In other words, it not only tells you what is wrong, but also explains it to you, which is pretty good.

1. Autel MaxiScan MS300

The Autel MaxiScan MS300 is a wonderful OBS scanner and it has received a number of very positive reviews from both people that work in the industry as well as those that only have a passing interest.

It is simple, it can be used with various makes, and it is also relatively inexpensive. Overall, this scanner is suitable for people just new to this piece of equipment as well as those that are more experienced.

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