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MINI Service Price Estimate

04 April 2019, 11:44

If you are the happy owner of a MINI, then you drive around in a classic with a long history behind it. The first MINI was in fact launched way back in 1959 and was back then considered to be a vehicle for the broad masses.

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A lot has changed since then, and MINIs today are luxury cars for discerning car owners. MINIs are known for having great road performance. This is due to the wide, go-kart-like chassis that provides fast and stable handling and great balance.
Most MINI owners agree that they own a car far beyond the ordinary, and seen from a larger perspective, the MINI anno 2017 has also become a cultural phenomenon.

Timeless and elegant, and synonymous with mobility, fun and freedom. Even as the MINI owner, few look forward to a major servicing of the car. But is it really that bad? No, it is not, because your MINI is equipped with what is called a Condition Based Service (CBS), which automatically notifies you when it's time to get the car serviced.

If you adhere to the specified intervals, you will most likely avoid huge garage bills and you will in turn drive a car that grants you a peace of mind each time you start your car.

How much does servicing cost?

When your car needs servicing, it may be a good idea to look for a garage that is certified by the Retail Motor Industry Federation. RMI conduct ongoing unannounced visits to the garages to check that the testing equipment, materials, environment and business practices meet the applicable requirements.

If you request quotes on a service via Autobutler, then you are well equipped to make the right choice of garage. You get all quotes in writing and you can easily compare the garages both on price and the contents of the offer.

Among other things, you can be assured that garages only use original spare parts and approved, environmentally friendly fluids for your MINI.

We have helped you along and examined what servicing costs on average when our users have taken their MINIs to the garage for servicing.

Save the garage bill - take your MINI for servicing

If you adhere to the servicing as prescribed by the manufacturer, you will in the long run save a lot of money on repairs.
When your MINI needs servicing depends both on the age and model, but it is usually between 10,000 km (small inspection) and 30.000 km, which is a major inspection.

In the car's service manual, you can see which issues should be included in a service of your car, but as a good guideline, the following issues must be checked by the garage when the MINI is undergoing a large servicing.

  • Lights

The external lights; headlights, tail lights, turn signals are checked thoroughly. Furthermore, hazard lights, brake lights, reversing lights and fog lamps are inspected.

  • Liquids

As a rule, a servicing also includes replacement of engine oil, oil filters and air filters. In addition, both the windshield washer fluid, and coolant is checked and replenished as needed.

  • Brakes

A regular servicing includes a visual inspection of the brakes. The mechanic looks behind the wheel to see if the brakes are worn. Have you chosen to have your car undergo a large servicing, the wheels are removed and the brakes are checked and lubricated. The inspection is more extensive, and the mechanic will among other things check that the brake pads have a thickness that allow you to drive with them until the next servicing.

  • Tires

The tires on your MINI are inspected and checked for damage. There should not be any cracks. In addition, the tread depth are checked to see if they meets the legal requirements and whether the tire pressure is okay.

  • Wheels

Suspension and wishbones are checked, and the wheels are measuredto ensure that they are tracked correctly.

  • Electrical installations

The car's main electrical installations are inspected. This applies also to the battery, alternator and starter. Various cables are checked for cracks or marks that may affect driving.

  • Instruments

The mechanic will always inspect and ensure that all the car's electrical instruments, tachometer, speedometer and odometer, work as they should.

  • Windshield and other glass

The windows both front and rear are checked for any stone impact and cracks. Moreover, wipers and the windshield sprinkler system are checked.

  • Engine

Various components of the engine are tested. The inspection includes the rear axle, the radiator, tubes, clutch, transmission belts, fuel lines, spark plugs and exhaust system. In addition, a thorough check is done of the joints and couplings of the drive shaft, the suspension mountings, ball joints and shock absorbers.

  • The car's cabin

The interior cabin is inspected to see if seats, doors, locks, seat belts, the interior light and handbrake works as they should.

  • The final test drive

Servicing is finished with a test drive, so you get your MINI back in top form.

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