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11 June 2019, 14:22

If you are a Peugeot car owner, then, like everyone else, you need to make sure that you take your car to be serviced on a regular basis. Is your Peugeot of older date, ie. older than 5 or 10 years, most Peugeot workshops offer special car servicing, Service 5+ and 10+, which costs a little less than a normal service.

Before choosing a workshop, keep in mind that by EU law, and therefore also Danish law, it has been decided that the consumer, after the purchase of a new car, can choose any service workshop he or she prefers.

Therefore, it is a requirement that car manufacturers must make all data, service schedules and service bulletins fully accessible to the free market, and thus also the free workshops.

For that reason, it is worthwhile to investigate whether a car service inspection can be carried out at a cheaper price at a non-authorized workshop. You retain the warranty as long as the work described in the Service Manual is performed and spare parts that meet the manufacturer's requirements are used.

We have calculated the average price of a Kia service inspection from prices listed by workshops affiliated with Autobutler.

Save on average*
£75 / 25%

Please note, however, that the price of your Peugeot car service depends on the car model and the number of kilometers driven.

Lots of benefits

If you make sure to follow the service manual timeline for car servicing, you maintain your Peugeot’s engine warranty which includes engine, gearbox and timing belt until the vehicle reaches 10 years or 200,000 km driven from the car's first registration date. As an added bonus, the stamps in the service book will give your car even more value in a sales situation.

If you choose an authorized Peugeot workshop, you also have the opportunity to form a special service and repair agreement, where you pay a fixed monthly amount covering service inspection and repairs in a given period or within an agreed mileage.

Can't you just skip the service inspection?

The short answer is no! And that’s because it is included in the service inspection that you make sure that your engine still works perfectly. At the same time, in a car service, the workshop ensures that the safety level is still at the top. This is done by testing tyres, shock absorbers and springs, and replace oil, oil filter and cabin filter. In addition, all the vital parts of the car including gearbox, undercarriage, carrying and steering ball joints, battery, brakes and lights are also checked, as well as air filters, fuel filters and brake fluid if the service manual states it.

How do I know my Peugeot car needs service?

A car service depends on how much you have driven in your car. The more you drive, the more often you should get the car serviced. The car's service book gives you an idea of it, and most Peugeot car models need a car service every 15,000 km or every year, depending on how much you drive. That said, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the sounds and movements of the car. If you experience sounds that are not usually there, then you should not just ignore them but instead contact your local workshop. Even if it is not time for a car service.

But also keep an eye on the dashboard: As soon as the "Service" symbol is lit, it's time to get a car service.

Compare prices for car servicing

When you make an inquiry on Autobutler, you get offers from workshops close to you, so you can compare prices. You can choose for yourself whether it should be the price that is crucial for your choice of workshop, or whether it should also be the distance to the mechanic or user reviews.

All workshops can perform a car service while maintaining the warranty - even if it is not an authorized Peugeot workshop.

How is a Peugeot service inspection performed?

A Peugeot car service at the workshop will always include at least:

  • A lights check
  • A change of engine oil and filter
  • Inspection of brakes, tyres, wheels and motor

If errors or defects are discovered that are not included in your service book, then the workshop will call you to ask if it should be arranged immediately.

When everything is checked, the car is taken on a short trip to make sure the car's performance is as it should be.

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