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How to use “My garage”

28 August 2015, 16:22
How to use My garage Taking care of your car properly includes the basic and mandatory garage visits like MOT, servicing or tyre changes as well as the small fixes of e.g. window cracks or brake issues before they become a serious problem. Maintaining a car unfortunately takes more effort and is more costly than many people think. We have developed a useful tool called “My garage” to support you in all areas around maintaining your car, so that taking care of your car is as cheap and simple as possible. Below you can learn how to use “My garage” on and make the most out of your car maintenance. The Overview

The Overview

This is your starting page and it will give your the perfect overview of everything going on around your car repair at the time. If you have new repair quotes or important upcoming repairs you will see them here on the dashboard. From here you can navigate all the current and necessary activities. Your Car(s)

Your Car(s)

In this section of "My garage" you can upload and edit all information about your car. If you have more than one car you can set up various car profiles. Based on this information we will calculate upcoming repair times for you and the garages will give you their quotes. Make sure to always update this information whenever you get a new car or sell an old one. Your Quotes

Your Quotes

Here you will find all current and previous quotes and repairs you requested from the mechanics near you. The labels on each job will tell you its status and whether action needs to be taken. This section will help you to keep an overview on repairs and costs and provide you with the perfect repair history on all of your cars. The Planner

The Planner

With this tool you can easily plan, schedule and book any garage visit necessary for your car. It will remind you of your next required MOT, tyre change, underseal and service - individually based on your car data. Planning ahead will free you from hassle and stress of scheduling a mechanics appointment and it will save you money by comparing 3 offers you will get from local mechanics on With this tool you will always be safe to keep your car’s warranty, avoid fees or damage from wrong tyres or missed underseal services. The Archive

The Archive

Keeping full track of car repairs requires a lot of paperwork from various sources. In your archive you can upload documents such as receipts, MOTs, and other repair documents so you’ll have all of the relevant repair data in one place. When you upload a document you can even include a price, so you can easily keep track of all your spendings on the car.
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