silent block in a car engine

🔍 What is a silent block?

02 March 2021, 09:15

The silent block takes its name from the SILENTBLOC® trademark of the company Paulstra. It is a bushing made of rubber to reduce the vibrations of the car. Therefore the silent block makes it possible to shift gears smoothly, avoiding excessive vibrations.

There are various silent blocks for the engine, exhaust, and the shock absorber.

There are different types of silent blocks in the engine:

  • A silent block is composed of an elastic block and sits between two metal parts. This silent block is the most common.
  • A hydraulic silent block, containing a fluid that absorbs the vibrations of the engine even better.
  • Silent balance block
  • Silent anti-tilt block

📍 Where is the silent block located?

The silent blocks are located between the chassis and the suspension triangle, linking these two elements.

2 silent blocks on white

⚙️ Symptoms of a defective silent block

If the silent block is defective, several signs may alert you:

  • Strong or jerky vibrations when changing gears.
  • The car vibrates strongly when starting or when you accelerate
  • The steering wheel vibrates abnormally

📅 When does the silent block need changing?

In general, the replacement of the silent block is done after 100,000 km. However, if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, it will be necessary to have the silent block changed before so that its wear does not affect your driving.

💸 Price of changing a silent block

Do you need to replace your car's silent block?

In general, changing a silent block costs between £35 and £85, depending on the price of the part and the hourly rate of the garage.

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