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5 Things You Should Do Before You Go On a Road Trip this Summer

13 May 2015, 13:25
Car Service Summer is nearly here and now is the perfect time to start planning those road trips throughout Britain and Europe. But, before you head off on your road trip you should make sure that you are fully prepared for the road ahead. Here are five things which you should add to the checklist of things to do before you set off.
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International Roadside Assistance

If your trip is going to take you abroad, make sure that your road assistance cover is valid overseas. With any luck, you won’t have any problems whilst you are away, but without international cover you could end up having to spend a small fortune if you require any roadside assistance whilst away. Once you have checked the terms of your roadside assistance package, make sure that you pack all the documents they could ask you to provide. It would be pointless to pay for a service that you can’t use simply because you left a couple of pieces of paper at home.

Get a service

Breaking down could put a real dampener on your holiday. In order to best reduce the chances of anything going wrong whilst you are away, get your car booked in for a service a few weeks before you leave. This will give you more time to get any issues resolved if the workshop does find a problem with the car. Getting a service will give you that all important peace of mind to set off on your holiday, and could save you an expensive roadside maintenance bill or a few days of your holiday wasted while you wait for a repair. Car Service, efficient packing

Pack efficiently

The heavier the car is, the more it will cost to run. In order to save yourself money on fuel make sure that you take only the things that you are really going to need. Filling the car full of inexpensive items which you could easily pick up at your destination will have a considerable impact on the amount of money it will cost you to get there.

Clean the car thoroughly (and keep it clean)

You will be spending a lot of time in the car so you want to make it as nice an atmosphere as possible. Make sure you stock up on air fresheners and also try and create a makeshift bin to keep your car from filling with rubbish. Making sure you have plenty of places to store things you pick up along the way will ensure a much smoother and more comfortable ride for everyone involved. Car Service

Pack an emergency kit

You never know what will happen on a road trip, so make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality. Packing an emergency kit with a blanket, a couple of bottles of water, some snack bars, a first aid kit and some jump leads could get you out of some tight spots whilst you are away. It’s always better to have them, just in case. In the excitement of planning for an upcoming holiday in the car, it can be so easy to overlook all of the important elements listed above. You definitely want to make sure your road trip is a complete success this summer; therefore, best ensure you follow these points to the letter. At least that way you’ll come back with far better memories!
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