Which things are included when you get your car serviced?

What Should be Included in Your Car's Service?

13 May 2015, 10:17

Exactly what is checked and how it is checked may vary from garage to garage but they all generally tend to cover the same basic overview of your car’s general health.

How many of these areas will be checked also depends on the type of service your car is going in for.

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If you are taking your car in for an interim service (this is usually carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles) then not everything will be checked in detail. Full services (usually carried out every 12 months or 12,000 miles) are much more comprehensive and will generally check all of the details listed below.


All services will include a comprehensive check of the exterior lights on your vehicle. This includes making sure that all front, rear, side and main lights are in full working order. Indicators and hazard lights will also be checked, as will the brake and reverse lights, fog lights and registration lights.


Services will check the level of engine oil in your vehicle and will top it up or replace it if necessary. The condition of the oil filter will also be checked and will be replaced if required. The service includes checking that there is enough windscreen washer fluid in the vehicle. Engine coolant levels and power steering fluid will also be topped up if needed.


There will be a full inspection of the brakes. This will include checking that there is enough brake fluid and that it is in good condition. The pipes which deliver the brake fluid will also be checked over and the brake pads will be monitored to see that they are the right depth. All of these elements could be replaced if it is deemed necessary to do so.


Tyres will be checked for obvious damage such as cracks and punctures. The service will also include making sure that they have the minimum required tread depth and that they are inflated to the necessary pressure level.


The vital electrics in the car will be tested. These include the battery, alternator and starter motor. The battery will be checked for leaks and obvious signs of damage. The wiring is also checked for signs of wear and damage.

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All services include a test to make sure that the electrical instruments (rev counter, speedometer, mileage counter etc.) are in full working order. All of the gauges and warning lights will be checked and the horn will also be tested.


Both windscreens will be checked for damage, as will the front and rear windscreen washers and wipers


All of the engine components will be given vigorous tests and checks. This includes checking the transmission and rear axle, the radiator, coolant hoses, clutch, air and fuel filters, auxiliary drive belt, fuel pipes, spark plugs and the exhaust system. It also includes thorough checks of the drive shaft joints and gaiters, suspension linkages, ball joints, and shock absorbers.

Car’s Interior

The inside of the car is also inspected in a full service. The seat belts will be tested to ensure that they are in full working order in the event of a collision. All of the mirrors (internal and external) are checked to make sure that they are in good condition, as are the seats, interior lights and the doors and locks. The interior checks also include making sure that the handbrake is working.


In addition to full tyre checks, the wheels are also given a thorough inspection. The wheel bearings and balancing are checked properly, as are the wheel alignment and suspension.

Vehicle road

After all of these elements are checked and tested, the vehicle is subjected to a road test to make sure that it is performing effectively and that no problems arise once the engine is switched on and the car is moving.

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