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Remove Flash Rust and Minor Scratches Now

30 March 2014, 14:03

Normally flash rust can be rubbed away, preferably by a professional

A long winter, like the one we have just been through, can be rough on your car’s paint. Try washing the car and then examining the paint thoroughly in bright sunlight. This is when you may discover a bunch of tiny rust spots, known as flash rust. You may also discover a number of minor scratches and dings. Don't delay to get it fixed, if you want to avoid your car diminishing in value too much.

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How Did it Happen?

Flash rust can come from tiny iron particles in the air landing on your car. In humid weather they attach themselves and rust. This can create tiny craters in the paint. If nothing is done, the paint is ruined and a hole will develop down to the metal. After this, there is nothing to stop it from becoming a real rust spot. The tiny iron particles may come from things like brake and clutch wear that is deposited on the roadway and then pushed up.

Flash rust is removed by careful washing and rubbing. Then the area is washed carefully in a 10% solution of oxalic acid, which is washed off thoroughly afterwards. This is a chemical treatment and should be done with great care. After this, a paint care product is used, and a good waxing. The best result is obtained by spending a few hundred pounds on a professional treatment. Among our bodyshops and car care centers we have many who are ready to take care of you. They have the necessary resources and conditions to get the paintjob done responsibly.

Minor Scratches

If there are scratches that penetrate down to the metal or cover large areas, they have to be fixed by an paint technician. Minor surface scratches can be treated by cleaning the area and degreasing the scratch using turpentine or nail polish remover. The right shade of paint can be purchased at the body shop and may be applied by dabbing or brushing the paint into the scratch. If you have even the slightest doubt as to whether or not you can make it look nice, we recommend having it done professionally. The following day the area should be polished, and in order to achieve the best possible result the entire car should be treated. Before you get started, you need to consider for newer cars, whether this may affect any warrantees for paint or rust.

The Car is Worth More if it is Well Maintained

You may not be considering selling right now, but actually many car owners replace their cars every four years on average, and you can be absolutely certain that the best looking and most well maintained cars sell faster and at better prices.

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