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What Does a Garage/Workshop Actually Do?

29 June 2015, 14:39

A garage is a one-stop shop for all automotive repairs. Mechanics have to be very knowledgeable about the workings of different makes and models of cars and an in depth understanding of how they work. Garages are the go-to place if you have any questions about your car’s performance; if you need advice about motoring matters; if you know that there is something wrong with your car and you need it fixed or if your vehicle is due a service or MOT.

With the huge number of cars that we see out on the roads, it is unsurprising that most garages are very busy places. Repairing or replacing flat tyres, replacing chipped windscreens, replacing key engine parts, carrying out annual services and MOTs are all part of the everyday services which garages offer to customers. MOTs fill up much of the schedule at a car repair garage. Every driver will have to take their car in for an MOT sooner or later, and so performing these checks is inevitable for any workshop.

Workshops also sell many car parts and accessories. They will be able to sell you new tyres if you need them, top up your windscreen fluid or engine oil, replace vital engine parts. Depending on the garage, they may also have a variety of accessories and gadgets on sale to enhance your vehicle. The exact range of goods on offer will vary from workshop to workshop but all garages will sell automotive products of some sort as this a great way of generating extra income for garage owners.

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The list of extra services which a garage can offer to members of the public is long and extensive. Not every mechanic will be qualified to perform every task, and not every garage is large enough to employ a specialist in every field, so the exact services that one workshop offers will be different from those of another down the road. These extra services might include painting the bodywork, removing dents and scratches from the exterior, replacing faulty electrical systems, welding, car valeting or removing salvageable items from cars which are about to be scrapped.

So, with so much potentially going on in any given day, it is easy to see why your mechanic might not be able to book your vehicle in for an appointment straight away if something goes wrong. Garages are fantastic resources but we could all do with remembering that we are not the workshop’s only customer and that each mechanic only has so much time that they can devote to their job. Most of us will never experience the full range of jobs which are carried out under a car repair workshop roof, and we won’t quite be able to appreciate the full extent of the variety of tasks which are performed on a daily basis, but when something goes wrong with our own vehicle, we are certainly grateful for the existence of such places.

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