Learn how to get a good garage experience

How to get the best Garage experience ever

27 April 2015, 11:34

As a car owner, you can feel totally lost when it comes to getting a service for your car, or getting it repaired. If you follow these four simple rules from Autobutler, you will be on track to a much better garage experience.

First of all you should agree on the price up front, before the mechanic even opens your car’s bonnet. And if you don’t know what is wrong with your car you can get a car diagnostics first. Some of the garages that are affiliated with Autobutler will do this for free, so long as you choose them to do any necessary repairs. Otherwise you could pay for the diagnosis, and then ask Autobutler for quotes afterwards, when you know what is wrong with it.

Save time by going online

If your car needs a standard service, simply choose this option, or if you know what is wrong with the car it is pretty simple.

Just go online and make a request for quotes at Autobutler. If you want a service in accordance with the manufacturers manual, simply click in the relevant check box. After this, you will get three quotes, often very quickly. By doing it this way, you prevent a lot of problems! This way, you have the offer in writing, with an agreed price to repair your car. You can now choose the best from your three quotes. You also have a price match and are assured that the garage will use original parts or at the very least OE-approved spare parts.

The four things to remember

  1. Get the offer in writing - like we do for you at Autobutler
  2. Make sure it is a fixed price. The better you describe the job for your car repair, the better the quotes you get.
  3. Do some price research to be sure you don’t pay too much. Autobutler makes this price comparison automatically for you.
  4. Request that the garage as a minimum uses OE-quality spare parts, if not the original, to get the best quality.

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