Learn how to spot when your car needs oil change

Does your car need an oil change?

04 November 2014, 11:55

How do you know when your car needs an oil change?

Remember to keep an eye on your motor oil – it’s one of the components keeping your car running. Replacement of motor oil has several functions., it lubricates the engine, keeps the motor clean and is a part of car maintenance you should be on top of as a car owner. Remember to check the oil level on a regular basis, as a guide we recommend that you check it every 1000 miles or so, if you only really drive short journeys you should check a bit under this recommendation (every 600 miles or so) as this sort of driving wears your engine more.

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As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to change the oil once a year or every 10,000 miles or so. Check your car’s manual to see how often it recommends for your make and model. The price of an oil change is at the lower end of the scale when you take into account all repairs, and it’s a worthwhile investment as it improves your overall car economy and extends the life of your engine. Also, your car is worth more if oil changes have been completed and logged professionally.

Changing the oil filter

Sometimes changing the oil isn’t enough, the oil filter can become clogged with oil over time, which is quite difficult to spot. We advise that you change the oil filter everything you do an oil change.

Choose the right oil for your car

It’s important to use the right oil when you top it up, you can check what oil your car needs in the manual. It’s always a good idea to have some to hand should you oil level run low. If in doubt consult a mechanic. When you’re getting your oil changed or getting your vehicle serviced it’s always a good idea to buy a litre of oil, ideally the same brand the mechanic has used, that way you can have it nearby should you need to fill it up between services.

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