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Take Autobutler's car test and find out what car you are

09 February 2015, 10:46

Take Autobutler's car test and find out what car you are

Some of us love our car more than anything and are not afraid of opening the window and shouting it out loud. Others do not focus on it until something happens to the car, and they are left with a hole in their heart.

A driver that only cares about getting from A to B would never buy a Ferrari, while a driver who loves horsepower and feeling the wind in their hair as people watch them in awe, would never settle for a Volkswagen Polo. Our car can say a lot about our personality. That is why has created a short, fun and interactive test that finds out what car you are!

Take the test and see for yourself ;)

Take Autobutler’s car test and find out what car you are

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