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Ford Oil Change Price Estimate

17 September 2015, 13:08

If your Ford vehicle requires an oil change then the price estimator at Autobutler shows the recent average prices paid for oil changes on Ford vehicles undertaken at Autobutler.

Ford were founded in 1903 by Henry T Ford, becoming the first ever automotive producer in the USA.

Ford have now grown to be one of the largest automotive makers in the world with their Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models popular throughout Europe. Both the Fiesta and the Focus featured in the Top 10 Best Selling Car Models in Europe for 2014, with over 200,000 Ford Focus’s being sold in Europe in 2014.

Oil is an essential accessory to your Ford vehicle, its role is key to making sure the engine continues to work efficiently. Oil does this by cooling and lubricating the engine, which is essential to its continued function long-term. For this reason, it is vital that the oil in your car is checked and changed regularly.

Typically, modern Ford cars recommend an oil change every 10,000 miles – this is often done as part of routine servicing. You should always check it has been done during a service, and if you find it hasn’t, or you need an additional oil change, it is a routine job that any garage will be able to complete for you.

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This price estimator shows the average price of Ford oil changes – these averages are calculated using actual charges for oil changes on Ford cars recently through Autobutler).

Once you’ve checked the price estimator, you can get a more personalised and accurate quote for your own Ford oil change – the easiest and quickest way to do this is via Autobutler Within 24 hours of completing a few simple details, you will receive three personalised quotes from professional local garages. You can then choose the quote that’s best for you and proceed.

How is the cost of an oil change broken down?

As is typical for most car maintenance and repair, much of the cost of an oil change is in the labour hours. Additional costs include the new oil and filters if they are required at the same time. The total cost can vary considerably between garages so it’s always best to get a few quotes to compare. Upon receiving quotes, be sure to also check them again the price estimator.

How do I know if my vehicle requires an oil change?

Most modern vehicles are fitted with a specific ‘Check Oil’ light which acts as an indicator that there is an issue with your car’s oil.

Upon seeing this light you should check the level of oil and top it up in required, and check if the vehicle is due an oil change.

Oil changes on modern Ford cards are recommended approximately every 10,000 miles and topping up of oil should be done regularly.

In addition to the light, there are some clues that the oil in your car might need replaced. Your car making a strange noise or shuddering motion upon starting the ignition may indicate that the engine is not being sufficiently lubricated by oil.

You can also tell when you check the oil level if your oil needs changed – new oil should be smooth and light brown in colour, older oil becomes gritty and black – this is a good indication of the need for an oil change.

Noticing any of these signs suggest it may be time for an oil change and you should look to have this completed as soon as possible.

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