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New brakes for your Toyota

02 August 2017, 14:36

If your brakes squeal or you sense that the actual braking seems uneven, it's a good idea to have the brakes checked by the mechanic.

On Autobutler, you can with a few clicks obtain quotes on how much it costs to replace your brake pads and possibly the discs.

We have calculated the average price of brake jobs for Toyota’s that were conducted at garages associated with Autobutler.

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The price includes all quotes submitted for all Toyota models, so the above price may deviate from the quote that you receive.

You can easily compare the price and content of the different quotes, while also read on Autobutler how other users have reviewed precisely the garages that you are considering to use.

This is how the brakes work on your Toyota

When you step on the brake pedal, the brakes are activated by the brake pads being pressed onto each side of the brake disc. When the pressure is kept on the brake, this friction will cause the car to stop.

Over time, brake pads wear out and need replacing. Failure to do this could mean that your car brakes wear unevenly and that the braking feels unstable.

Ultimately, it will affect traffic safety and therefore you should make sure that your brakes work safely and effectively.

One of the ways you notice that your brakes are worn out is that the brakes squeal when you brake. In other words, new brakes will often seem silent and the braking function will be effective.

In some cases, the brakes however squeak a bit, because the brake pads are made of a special material, but generally the brakes should not squeal unless they are worn out or hang a bit.

Toyota, which is the world's largest automaker, has in recent years had to recall thousands of cars that have defects in the braking system.

However, as a Toyota owner, there is generally no reason to be worried. As long as you make sure your brakes are inspected and serviced regularly.

Brake service - keep track of the bill

A quoteto get serviced or replacing the brakes on your Toyota will include labour and spare parts. The time required may vary depending on the scope of the task.

If it is necessary that the garage inspects the entire braking system and besides replacing the brake pads and discs also check the brake lines and brake fluid, this can soon be seen on the bill.

Therefore compare the different quotes and be aware of whether replacement of brake plates, calipers as well as brake pads and discs are listed on the spare parts list.

Service of the brakes on the car

When you have your Toyota serviced, the mechanic usually only conducts a visual inspection of the vehicle's brakes. By looking behind the rim, the wear on the brakes since the last inspection are checked.

Normally, the brakes are either disassembled or lubricated. It is therefore recommended that you for example when changing from winter to summer tires undergo a thorough check of your brakes.

It is advisable that you choose a garage with a roller brake tester. Here the car can be checked to see if it brakes uniformly on all four wheels.

Changing of brakes

There are several factors that determine when it's time to have the brake pads and possibly the brake discs replaced. It depends on the model of car that you drive and how many kilometers you have traveled since the last brake change.

Finally, the amount of urban or highway driving the car has been subjected to also impacts the wear on the brakes.

Most car models nowadays have a brake indicator that wears while driving and eventually activates a warning light on the dashboard. When lit, it indicates that the brakes need to be replaced.

If you drive your car less often, you will probably find that the brakes start to rust. This will result in a faint grating sound being heard when braking.

This is normal, but the sound should disappear after braking a few times. If it does not, it may indicate that the brakes have become too rusty and maybe even gotten jammed.

If you are unsure about whether your brakes are working as they should, then take the car to a garage.

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